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Anyone else see this show last week. Interesting. It was all about Cuba being a sex destination……..for women. And also talked about a few women that had met men in Cuba and married them and discussed how the marriages worked out. I found the show quite interesting.

I have watched it before…sounded about right… It’s a rerun! I didn’t watch it again. No need to actually as my sister’s marriage to her now Cuban ex-husband taught me a lot and certainly far more than what the programme mentioned.
I am on a Facebook page devoted to my now-favourite resort. A very young Canadian woman just married a Cuban, and is pregnant with his baby.I don’t forsee a happy ending.I seem to recall something in the paper about a man who’d married a Cuban woman, and she pretty much bilked him out of everything he owned…I have a feeling THESE tales are far more common than "happily ever after".

Here’s another: www.thestar.com/news/immigration/2013/02/07/from_cuba_yet_another_broken_heart.html

One of the interesting things they mention on the show, and it happened to a person I know who married a Russian woman with a severely handicapped child, if you split up, and the new Canadian gets any kind of social assistance, you are on the hook for ALL the money they collect, for THREE years

Does not matter man or women in Cuba these sorts are very good at what they do. They will seduce you charm you captivate you pretend to love you and then take you for all they can get. Then they will just spit you out throw you away like yesterdays garbage. They are the worst kind of vermin preying on the lonely with quite often devastating results. If you find a little loving in Cuba leave it there.

If you are a "3" in Canada, the only thing that makes you a "10" in Cuba, is your passport. Know it, learn it, live it.

I’ve always said that if suitors aren’t banging on your door at home, rest assured you did not turn into a movie star on a 3 hour plane ride! It’s gotta be something other than your sparkling smile that is the attraction. I do find it amusing when Cuban men who are young enough to be my children or even my grandchildren try to pick me up. Certainly if you are into that sort of thing, you wouldn’t have to look very far to find it!

Rum and beach make people more pretty than cold and snow

The animation team know that their job is to entertain the singles any way they can to make sure they have a good time and want to come back. A guy I used to work with was a ski instructor at a resort in Quebec when he was younger. It was the same thing for him. He was expected to keep the single ladies happy, if you know what I mean. The difference in Cuba is that hooking up with a Canadian has much more potential for a number of reasons.

A page out of "Dirty Dancing"

A page out of "Dirty Dancing" Still haven’t seen that movie…
If you are a 3 in Canada you ain’t no 10 in Cuba.Ain’t that the truth.They sure can make you feel like a 10 though.

They are very good at it.

eeeefarm would a slightly over middle aged man with grey hair a bushy beard and a beer belly stand a chance?

Don’t think I’ll stand a chance with a nickname like TiĆ” Loca… ;S

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