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LoveCuba,I’ve never had a pay-as-you-go but I was under the impression the Canadian versions weren’t accepted anymore. Is your Telus cell that works a pay-as-you-go?Cheers,


We are both independent contractors and even while on holidays there will be calls we need to accept. The Telus packages are excellent and can even in a pinch act as a hot-spot for confidential emails. (just be sure you turn off your auto-update feature on the computer as that (yes by experience) will eat up a lot of your available #’s)…P.S. we are not Telus employees.

this is from their website: www.telus.com/en/on/mobility/travel/index.jsp?zone=cuba&country=Cuba&cc=cu#travel-passes

TELUS partners with the following mobility providers at this destination. Please check your device’s frequency.


2G: 850 MHz / 900 MHz3G: 2100 MHz

Combo Passes
Cuba Combo Pass 40

$4050 minutes, 50 MB of data, 50 outgoing text messages, Free incoming text messages, 50 min 50 MB 50 textsOverage: $1.00 per minute, $1.00 per MB, $0.60 per textSavings over pay-per-use rates: $615

Cuba Combo Pass 100

$100300 minutes, 300 MB of data, Unlimited outgoing text messages, Free incoming text messages, 300 min 300 MB Unlimited textsOverage: $1.00 per minute, $1.00 per MBSavings over pay-per-use rates: $3,650

Cuba Combo Pass 65

$65150 minutes, 150 MB of data, 150 outgoing text messages, Free incoming text messages, 150 min 150 MB 150 textsOverage: $1.00 per minute, $1.00 per MB, $0.60 per text

Savings over pay-per-use rates: $1,900

Telus also offers a "Cuba Text Pass 15" which gives 75 outgoing, unlimited incoming. That meets our usual needs. (PS used to cost 20.00 Dec2013 and Feb 2014 – with only 50 outgoing)

OK. I bought the 75 texts for $15 from Koodo. The folks on their user forum tell me that I will need to enter 119+1 before the number of the Canadian ‘phone I am texting to. I don’t think I had to do this when Rogers worked for me. We fly out Monday a.m.


1. just back from santiago area, rogers paygo phones didn’t work2. had to VOICE call canada. was initially told to dial 119 + 1 + area code + number but that didn’t work from hotel, then they said dial 88 + 119 + 1 + area code + number. That worked. I think the 88 got an outside line from hotel so the 119 should work. As far as texting, we’ll see in December with the Telus phone, what is required to text.

3. FYI, to call Cuba we added 011 + 1 + area code + number.

I placed one call to Canada with my Fido while in Cuba, and I dialed 119-1-area code-phone number and it went through no prob.

Please let us know how it was for you. Looks like rogers and Fido back into the game with travel packs.

We just got back home. The $15 SMS text add on from Koodo worked from Cayo Largo where we touched down on our way to and in Santiago and Los Galeones. I had a strong signal at Galeones; even on the beach. With my Nexus 4 Android it was not necessary to ‘dial’ 119 +1 before the number. We used it to request some meds for a long term LG resident from friends we knew were coming down the next week.

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