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Just got back from a weeks stay. It’s a 3 star hotel that could be a little more with some minor improvements. The pros: A nice and quiet hotel off the beaten path. Adult only, though there were a few minors seen, I suspect they were children of the employees. The food, by far the best food I’ve seen at a 3 star in the D.R. Much time and effort went into the preparation and presentation at all meals and the wait staff are wonderful. The daily variety of selections was above normal also. Much appreciation to the security staff who gave us drinks and snacks after our late arrival when the bar was closed. Attentive front desk staff who responded to every question and request. Most of the staff seemed concerned about us having a safe and pleasurable stay. The cons: The hotel could use a little more attention to the upkeep of maintenance. Simple things, like missing or blown lightbulbs, replacing faulty plumbing fixtures, supplying stoppers for the sinks, fixing broken window hardware. Instead they seemed to care more about hosing down the concrete walkways, for hours, daily. The constant smell of sewage in certain walkway areas of the resort. The bars are sadly lacking in supplies. The 2 bars share 1 blender with the kitchen! If you want a blended drink you’d better hope it’s not being used elsewhere. The bar staff could use more english language comprehension. The bars are ALWAYS running out of something! Beer for hours, then coke, then RUM!!! , then ice for almost a day. Don’t ask for any fancy mixed drink, chances are they don’t have everything they need for it and besides the kitchen has the blender. The bars are the weakest point of this hotel. The dining area is divided into smoking/non-smoking areas, poorly and improperly signed. The smoking side is sadly lacking in ashtrays, if you find one hold onto it! Salt and pepper shakers, 1 of each for every other table. You are constantly on the lookout for shakers from other unoccupied tables. And my number 1 complaint of dining? No coffee until 7:30 a.m.!!!!!!! The grounds are well kept but another annoyance is allowing the local peddlars to set up their wares right in front of the buffet, 5 days out of 7!.

These simple areas of concern should be addressed.

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