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I am headed down to Cayo Santa Maria(Hotel Playa) for a wedding in August. For the first time ever when travelling south, I did not book a package deal. I was able to book my flight with WestJet and the hotel through Sunwing for almost $600 cheaper than the "group" rate with ACV.Now of course that leaves me with transportation needs from the airport to the resort and back of course. I know its over 100km’s each way.While I am sure there are some cabs there, it would be a little pricey and would prefer to travel on the bus as well as I have friends I am headed down with who will be on the bus.I know in my past travel’s, I can’t ever remember a trip where the bus was full and no empty seats, so I am hoping they will allow me on for a small price?!Anyone with experience doing this that can give me any advice or tips or some hope that I won’t have to take and pay for a cab from the airport to the resort and back?

Thanks in advance…

I always see the tour rep and pay the driver 10 CUC’s to take me to the nearest hotel to the town in which I stay where a local taxi waits for me. I return to the airport the same way, first of all checking by phone there is availability on the bus.

We did something similar. Bus that goes to hotels was full so we couldn’t use it or pay anyone to let us in as it was packed full. But we spoke with a few people and there was mini van that was going to the hotels. We spoke with driver and 10 CUC did work for us. We just had to wait 45 min for driver to finish work and leave airport. We did not mind it we were happy. That happened in Holguin airport and we were in the same situation like you. Booked hotel and air separately.

Great job on the shopping monctonguy. I half expected you’d hitch a ride on a Cruise Ship, LOL
I’ve heard from others who talk with the Tour Rep at the bus and pay 10 CUC for the ride. Maybe buy an overpriced Cristal or two on the way.

Haha, yes, if there was a cruise ship to take me there, that probably would have been the preferred method!I will defn have to make sure I get out of the airport asap and talk to the WestJet rep about trying to secure a seat on the bus. If not, I will check with others waiting around incase someone has a cab or shuttle already booked and I maybe able to hop in.Worse case, I have a private cab ride to the hotel and enjoy a few cold beers along the way I guess….

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