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After suffering a heart Attack Oct 6 :'(, we have decided to change our plans of going to Negril Jamaica and will return to Barbados for 2012 and will be staying at the Pirate’s Inn in Hastings, it is just a comfort thing for me I don’t know Negril

Sorry to hear about your heart attack Will. Have a speedy recovery…but do what the doctor orders. It will be all worth it, knowing you will be returning to familiar territory.

Thanks Bebbie, as for the doctor I am trying, it is going to be tough fight, it was two weeks today when my life changed more then likely for good

Will – chin up. You have to have a positive attitude – take one day at a time. Get stronger and healthier.

‘Glad to hear you survived your heart attack, Will. That you did is certainly a blessing since many people do not, as you well know. You can return to travelling to places you’ve been and some you have only dreamt about! Good luck with the recovery period…. TC
Thanks Bebbie and Tracelchick, it has been 5 weeks now and things are slowly getting into to place, really looking forward to our trip in 74 days

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