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Has anyone booked with company??? I checked out their prices and they seem to be quite good. I am reluctant to try them until I hear someone else has used this agent. I have checked out several Canadian sites but no one seems to be able to touch this company. Any comments or thought will be appreciated. Thanks

Hi murphcrud. The prices on cheapcaribbean are exceptionally good but you have to live close to a major US airport to take advantage. (For me, the closest major airport is NYC and that is a 7 hour drive. Couple that with the fact that almost all flights from the US are not direct for their holiday packages, it can take almost all day or sometimes an overnight to reach your destination. I find many of their packages are 5 day stays and quite a few do not include food or drinks so the bottom line for me is what I am getting from the Canadian suppliers out of our major airports, if you are close to Toronto or Montreal, the deals can be better than the American Cheap Caribbean offers, IMHO. As they say in real estate, location, location, location, eh?

You are right about location. location, location. As it turns out, I live in Cambridge, 45 minutes from the T.O. airport. We are travelling to the Mayan, staying at Secrets, Silversands. We are paying a slight upcharge to offset long travelling times; arriving in Cancun at approx

11:30 A.m., leaving at usual 6:15 A.M. we return at about 8:00 PM. or thereabouts. so all of that isn’t too bad. I did check out some of there prices for the DR and only found them to be "competitive", good but not great.

Well, we are back from our trip. I am very disappointed in our choice of Tour Operator. CHEAP CARIBBEAN !! Yes, they are !!!

They supposedly offer all these great freebees but when you try and collect on them, you are wasting your time. READ THE FINE PRINT !! I suggest all who are considering using these people, RECONSIDER, you will get a better deal elsewhere and I’m sure, better service and response time to questions. We have attempted to reach them via email 3 times since our return and even replied to their questionnaire about our vacation, to no avail. I attempted to contact them by telephone but got transferred here to here to here and put on hold each and every time for longer than I could handle. I guess repeat customers are not a big priority I only suggest that you not put yourself into the position to be considered a repeat customer and do your booking elsewhere. I will not go into further details other than to say that we will never, ever, book with these people again !!

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