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I hope this works. Edit….no it did not, link was too long. But if you go to Google Maps, click on satelite, start zooming and moving, I found allegro’s house on Playa Hermosa. Pretty detailed.
I cannot seem to find playa Hermosa…Any hints…

Have you tried Google earth? If you find it there you could post the co-ordinates (bottom left of the GE screen).

Try: 10 34 40.25N 85 40 25.21 W Villas Sol resort is there. Then zoom in to Allegros house.

Hey, looks like steak and chicken on the BBQ! ;D

I see them…. but they are all empty!!!

Impressive links Mike

Do you have Quicktime? Perhaps thats the problem as I know they work. I’m receiving emails about the links daily.

Good links Amigo. How’s things down there?

Yes have it… the links work… I meant that the Flor bottles are empty.

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