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We just returned from the Melia Cayo Guillermo. Our first time there and had an great week (review will follow soon) However while we were there enjoying the a la cart, Cheese cake was on the dessert menu. I’ve seen cheese cake many times on the menu at many resorts, but never available. (I know, it’s Cuba)

What I’d like to know is, has anyone actually had cheese cake in Cuba?

Yes, many times and it was a cake made from cheese. Talk about literal translations.

Well I look forward to trying the Cuban version, but I’m sure it’s not easy to get. It now become a running joke for us to see it offered but never available. We’ll keep looking 🙂 part of the adventure.

The Playa Turquesa had it last January and it was fantastic!

At Playa Blanca on Cayo Largo its like a Cheese Danish done in a pie and served as slices. Heavy rich baked cheese on pastry and fruit/sweets on top served with cream. Not the fluffo we get at lots of places here.

Much to my surprise I had a very good cheesecake, years ago, at Lava Dia on the Malecon in La Habana. Never seen it since.

just do not ask for Crème Brûlée as so far while they have offered us some as a favour – they really do not do it well – A for effort but F in execution. It ends up like a very….VERY sweet custard

Cuban Flan is big favourite for me.

flans are nice – it is the Brûlée they do not do well …looks okay

Crème brûlée doesn’t seem to set in the heat. The added gelatin in Flan does the trick.
Maybe a bit of gelatin in their Cheesecake might make it lighter?

x2 for Cuban Flan, haven’t tried cheese cake at resorts.

My number 1 dessert in Cuba. And the resorts I most frequently attend – the staff all know that little fact and everyday, they bring a small one for me and we sit down during their breaks and share. Geez, love that stuff.

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