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Chibi Chibi Restaurant & Calabas Restaurant

J.A. Abraham Blvd 40, Kralendijk, Bonaire

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A very Caribbean ambiance, painted in bright colors and above the crystal clear sea from which you can see many colorful fishes. A big attraction by many guests to feed the fish, but not recommended because of the natural habitat of the sea life. You would almost think the Divi Flamingo Resort put these fishes in the water to attract people ;). Chibi-Chibi is the cafeteria of Divi Flamingo Resort. Vacation “home” of many (US American) hotel guests. Although the staff is kind of disinterested, they bring us two glasses of water with ice and the menu cart. We order a bottle of Corona Beer and a glass of white wine and after 10 minutes the waitress returns to get our order. Our choice was a cesadillo and a club sandwich. In the next hour we see enormous portions passing by to guests who entered the place after us and notice others, who ordered after us, already had their desert. A man next to us, who ordered 10 minutes ago, gets a pizza with salmon. After 50 minutes we didn’t want to wait any longer and decided to leave Chibi Chibi. We paid for our drinks and left.

What a pity because the location of Chibi Chibi is fantastic but the staff needs new management to get some motivation.

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