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I caught the virus in Canouan in August. There were no warnings at the hotel Staff had it All the nurses on the island had it.. The place was alive with mosquitoes. I have ended up with the long term affects which is basically Reactive Rheumatoid ArthritisAt one point I couldn’t walk or open a bottle of water and that was a month after the initial infection had gone away. The only treatment that took it away was Steroids. I am still on a low dose 4 months later The Caribbean countries are playing down the infection because of Tourism Jamaica declared a state of national health emergencyMany forums have played down the affect, but these are people who haven’t suffered the consequences or investigated the reality Its a very serious and debilitating disease. I was a very healthy energetic individual before, I now have the prospect of years of pain and medication. Its virtually impossible to protect yourself completely from mosquito bites. I have a holiday home in the Caribbean and now cannot let my Family visit until the outbreak has passed. I am immune apparently We were due to go to the Caribbean for Christmas and New Year but made other plans as I wouldn’t take the risk with their healthI have many friends in Trinidad and Tobago who have or have had the disease and they say that nearly every family has it. Of course, some will be saying they have it to avoid work as generally they don’t bother testing I’m lucky enough not to rely on manual labour to earn a living. If I were a construction worker , for instance, I would now be unable to workThat’s the reality

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