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Looking to spend Christmas in Cuba. The weather can be hit or miss and I find pricing to be a little high right now. Couple of questions do you think pricing will lower soon? And I think I read that there is a spot/side of Cuba that has less wind and warmer water-where would that be and what resorts would you recommend for 2 families with teenage boys.

Lots of questions thanks in advance.

Generally speaking the Caribbean side will be warmer than the Atlantic side, and further south is a better bet for warm weather. You might consider the Santiago area, although the resorts there are barely 3 stars and the beaches certainly don’t come close to the gorgeous white sands of the Cayos.

We had amazing Christmas in Cayo Lago with lovely weather and lots of swimming while in Canada family and friends had freezing rain and snow storm! Maybe Cayo Largo would be excellent option if you are looking to enjoy beach and escape from everything else.

Air Canada has a pretty good price for the 22nd in CL.

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