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I just got back from a great vacation at the Sol Rio Luna y Mares. A review has been submitted.
I just got back this week and I was totally disappointed with the lack of cigars at the Airport. On my last 2 visits the cigar prices at the resort seemed pretty high so I bought an excellent selection of Cohiba, Montecristo, Partagas and Romeo y Julieta along with a box of Guant’s at the Duty free. 

This time round I bought a few singles at the Cigar shop on site at the SRLM all week and the prices were pretty good for Montecristo 3 and Partagas Serie D. Like the last time I waited to buy my bulk at the airport. Boy was that BIG MISTAKE! The big Tobacco shop by the duty free only had panetelas or much smaller in any of the big brand names and a few boxes of half coronas Partagas and only one box of Ramon Allones club corona minis. No larger cigars of anything other than Guantanemeras or Belindas(Sorry there was a box or 2 of some 400CUC per box but I wasn’t spending that much and I wasn’t familiar with the brand). I snatched up the last box of Ramon Allones club corona minis for about 90cuc , a box of the Partagas half coronas for about 67 cuc. 20 Belinda. and 10 Decimo Guants. (the last 2 boxes are for hand outs to my not so important friends LMAO)

I was lucky to buy the last 5 single Genios Maduro 5 Cohiba at the kiosk in the middle of the airport. The clerk said people have been buying multiple boxes of anything good they could get their hands on all week.  (  I am not sure if this was flights going back to the USA or not).

I had budgeted about 400cuc to 500cuc on cigars but only spent about 250. I guess it was better than none at all.  Oh well…lesson learned. :’( .   I was lucky enough to not have the beer taps run dry on me all week.

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