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Hey…this is a first. Can’t get an answer on the other site, so I am asking here now…. ;D

Are these two resorts the same place? is it like 2 sides, that share common bars and buffets etc or are they 2 totally seperate resorts and not connected anyway at all??

vagabond Guest Two separate resorts beside each other that share nothing but the Guardelavaca public beach.Amigo a basic but good cheap place favoured by Canucks, Brisas maybe a half * better favoured by Brits.

The best thing is they’re not anywhere near Varadero!

Thanks for the info! Exactly what I was looking for.Looks like Brisas it is, and some good pricing out of Halifax in April!

I don’t mind Varadero, as I travel usually single so enjoy some lively nightlife. Hoping there will be some around the Brisas resort.

Anyone been there recently that can shed some light on the beach bars and parties there?Apparently, there are a number of bars on the beach open to anyone, and they turn into some lively places at nite?

Haven’t experienced this before anywhere else. Normally the beaches are pretty dark and quiet at nite and often off limits.

The beach bars in Guardalavaca are directly below the craft market area….There is a set of steps to the public beach and there are 3 bars there…one to the left, one to the right which serves food as well and the main bar with the music system straight ahead on the sand..This is the bar( 24 hour bar) with the most action on party nights. Any evening there will be people at this bar but it could be slow until after 11…on party nights it is packed and partying continues until the wee hours of the morning. Party nights are usually the nights with planned entertainment…perhaps a band or singers/dancers from Holguin…the rest of the time it is canned music but a good (loud) sound should be there early to get a table and chairs..especially on party nights.

Awesome, thanks for the info. I am defn looking forward to this. At 11pm I am just getting started for the nite whereas most others are done for the day.Good to know there will be somewhere to go, some tunes and some people around to share some drinks with.Defn looking forward to it!!

I am assuming the drinks are pretty cheap. Think I read somewhere that you can actually purchase bottles of rum from the bar and mix it yourself at your table?

yes..750ml bottles of rum start at around 3 CUCs for the cheap stuff and up from there depending on quality…cans/boxes of mix range from 65 cents to 1 CUC….beer is 1 CUC.the only issue is the limited number of tables..if its busy at all most people don’t have seats or tables.
Sounds good to me…I don’t mind standing after lounging all day. I get bored sitting around too long anyways.

I am guessing it is just a couple minutes walk down the beach from the Brisas?

Via the beach walkway depends on how fast you walk but it isn’t far…I would guess at a slow pace 12 minutes and possibly 6-7 minutes if walking quickly.
headed there in 24 days……maybe sooner with some of the deals out there right now… ;D

CLub amigo is on for $295 plus tax beginning of April out of Halifax…

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