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Room Number:

Room Block:
Superior Section

Cubana Air landed at Santa Clara airport and we had a 3 hour drive to Club Ancon. Not bad really for a 2 week stay but I wouldn’t travel that far for a 1 week trip.

We booked a room in the Superior section. Full bath with lots of hot water, a hairdryer & a 110v outlet. Beds & pillows were hard but we got used to them. Small drawers, a few hanger, free safe. Mini fridge with bottled water daily. Our room was 2nd floor with an oceanview. Smallish in size. Limited TV channels.

Restaurants and Bars:
We only ate at the Buffet. Rated it as good. Basic fruit, salad stuff, chicken, pork, fish, rice, potatoes, veggies, soups & pasta bar, dessert was cakes, ice cream & puddings. Coffee in the Buffet was not good so we got capucinno every morning at the Bar beside the Buffet and took them in with us.

The saving grace of the place is the beach. 4 kms. of soft light beige sand and calm water. This is the reason you should come to Club Ancon…..if you want a bit of luxury…do not come here. It is a basic 3 star, not very pretty grounds and rough around the edges. But it has wonderful views, it’s close to Trinidad for exploring, friendly staff, great for budget-minded travellers…like us. And we planning to return.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel: Excursions and shopping are very reasonable here. We took a taxi into Trinidad and explored on our own. Great buys on hand-embroidered goods, paintings, leather goods and carvings. Trinidad is worth exploring…lots of interesting old buildings, museum, old church, town square & central park. Don’t know about entertainment at the hotel…we didn’t stay up to watch it…just your basic variety stuff by the Hotel dancers.

Afternnons had dance lessons, bingo & fashion show.

Other Comments:
We are planning to return to Hotel Ancon because we really like what it has to offer. However…I would hesitiate to recommend it to friends only because most people’s expectations are pretty high….if you lower your expectations and the beach is your top prioiry then try this hotel…

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