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My two children 14, 12, and myself just returned from a week at Club Ancon, Trinidad, Cuba March 16, 2006. We would recommend this place – our rating is based on our experiences more than accommodations. However, we were in a superior room with balcony facing the beach which was lovely. we were very happy there. Recommended: -coco taxi rides into Trinidad -Casa de Musica at night. Starts at 10:00 pm. Great music and salsa dancing -rambo tour into mountains. little scary ride on russian truck but go for it. bring water, little snack to sustain you before lunch if you go on the 3km walk down to falls and natural pool [and back up – puff,puff]. think there’s another rambo tour with shorter hike so check it out according to your wishes. Other stuff: For locals, bring towels, soap, shampoo, t-shirts to give away. they really need and will appreciate mucho. You’ll be glad you made the extra effort Transportation for locals is a job in itself. if you have room in your taxi, let the driver know you’d like to pick up people to give them a ride to where you’re going. Taxis to Trinidad 8 pesos. Coco taxis hold 2 (3 if you have a little person to sit in middle) and is 4 pesos. You might get accosted in Trinidad more than you’d like, to give t-shirts or eat a meal in someone’s home. Coffee and fresh orange juice at Ancon is yummy. Friendly and helpful hotel staff. Be nice with your peso tips. If you purchase some art in town, be sure to get a receipt and ensure official stamp on back. exchange rate in bank in hotel was 1.30 to purchase pesos from Canadian dollars. 1.20 to sell.

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