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I went to this hotel with high expectations and I was not disappointed, the reviews I saw made me expect more and I am glad that I chose this hotel for my holiday. The environment is clean and the entertainment crew especially for the music all tried, they were fantastic. They have an amazing set of staff members working hard to satisfy the customer’s wants and needs, very friendly bunch. The hotel price doesn’t cost much, you are paying for exactly what you are getting, a nice location in the wonderful city of Havana, it is a good bargain. My room had a nice looking balcony overlooking the ocean and amazing beach by the way, they had large nice towels in the rooms. The beer is great at the lobby bar and the bartenders over there even make it more fun. As much as I liked this wonderful hotel, I liked the city better, Havana is a wonderful city that nobody should ever miss out on if you ever get the opportunity to visit Cuba. There are just so many things to do in Havana, sightseeing, museums and parks and festivals, it was so much fun for me that I can’t wait to go back. The food was good both at the hotel and other restaurants outside the hotel. In summary, the hotel has a great location, unbeatable and beautiful beach, amazing staff that is friendly and very clean environment, I highly recommend it, I will be back again.

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