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I stayed here in July 2009, October 2009 and will be here again in February 2010. Excellent location, great beach, staff is friendly and food is fine. Remember, this is not a five star, but overall I was happy with it and will stay there again. Lots of Italians & South Americans stay at this hotel, so you will not hear to much english. Though it is a 3-star, I will give it 3 1/2.

Your Arrival:
On my two prior trips here the shuttle bus dropped us at the front door and on schedule. Check in was quick and was done in less then 5 minutes. Bar is right in front of check-in area, so while you are checking in your friends can start drinking.

Rooms were clean, nice view both times. Remember, the first thing to do upon entry is to plug in the fridge and turn on the a/c. Bathrooms were fine with lots of towels. Never a problem with the hot water.

Restaurants and Bars:
Did not try the sit-down restaurants, but the buffet food was fine. Some items actually tasted very good, especially considering this is a 3-star hotel. Even though I do not eat pork, beef, rice or pasta, there was more then enough food for me to eat. Service was very good and friendly and I have made friends with many of the staff working there. Also, lots of fresh fruit. Not sure about the deserts since I did not try them, but many guest were taking second servings of the ice cream. However, they do have a tendency to run out of tea bags in the morning(get tea bags early). Like any buffet, the late comers will have to settle for whats left, so come early for the best selection. (Tip the chefs the first day and you will get the best cuts of fish, chicken & turkey for the rest of your trip).

Excellent beach, clean, quiet and relaxing. The main Havana beach is just a 10 minute walk to the left and the other beach is a 15 minute walk to the right. I only used the hotels pool after coming back from the beach to get the sand off me, but lots of people and kids were swimming in it.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
There are activities like beach volleyball, sailing or paddel-boating. Always a guy there to help you out.

Other Comments:
Have been satisfied on both my stays here and will be taking some 3 friends to this hotel in February. It is there first trip to Cuba. Remember, this is not a 5-star, so emphasize this point to the people you are taking here. The food is fine, location is excellent, rooms are good. Great hotel to stay at if you just need a place to eat/sleep/shower. If most of your time will be spent on the beach, in Havana or the neighboring towns, this hotel is quite suitable

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