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Well. For me and my family this place has been a farovite for many years! It is a really pretty, mellow, location, spread out, not huge but an intimate hotel.

It is excellednt value for the low cost. –Been there maybe 12 times over 8 years. Yes, the tough hurricaines of this part of the world have done damage! Yes, it gets slowly repaired. This is not a Americain hotel !!!! It is Cuban owned, run, really pleasent, warm caring people are on staff here ! SO < –do not expect North Americain time valued here. The staff love their jobs and this is conveyed to the guests! — lots of hugs!– and caring. A great place for a cuban to work in a very poor country. Near by is a 15$ taxi ride to fascinating downtown Santiago De Cuba,— full of History, culture, lots of great architecture , not great food, ok , but not Euoropean standards. No, l do not go to Cuba for the food. So many other things there are exceptional. Lots of cheap talented music at the hotel every nigth, variety. Easy to share a taxi to town to have some nigth life! Safe small city, easy to enjoy very much walking these charming streets.–Cheap to hire a guide 12$ for maybe a four hour tour with some one with some english and probably a great education, and a great love of their city and their people. Cuba is in a very tough time now, people have had their emotional energy drained by all the things that they have done without for so manty years these people teach us to be very grateful for all that we have, and our freedom too.

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