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The room 2003 was dingy, broken chairs and dresser. There was black mould in sveral places and when i coplained, they painted over it 2 days later with a different color paint. All the maid did was make the bed in the 2 weeks we were there. One pool and one resrtaraunt were closed, most of the beach chairs were broken and there was not enough of them. The a la carte restaraunts were hit and miss as to their quality. The main restaraunt was filthy and the food was vile. Uncooked meat, the same food at breakfast lunch and supper, shortages of all dishes, cups, cutlery, lousy wait staff were the norm. We asked to upgrade and they wanted $20 a night, then told us that there were no rooms availabe, then ignored us. Others who upgraded told us the rooms they were given were worse than what the gave up. I travel extensively but this is the first time I have run into this problem. I dont know who rated this hotel but it should be revisited and downgraded if not torn down and rebuilt.

One final comment, there also was the smell of sewage everywhere.

Room Number:

Room Block:

12 jan 12 to 26 jan 12

filthy dark black mould broken furniture

Restaurants and Bars:
awful, uncooked food poor presentation no plates cups glasses cutlery poorly made drinks, thrn no specialty drinks

one pool closed the other needed cleaning due to the scum on the top of the water

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
great daily excursions decent entertainment

Other Comments:
unacceptable even for a 3rd world country, its like once you get there, its to bad,cuz theres no where else to go, your at their mercy. I have pictures that can be emailed to interested parties.Rated as a 1 because i cant rate it any lower.

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