Club Maeva Tulum resort reviews

Club Maeva Tulum – Mayan Riviera

Location: Beachfront – 60 minutes from Cancun International Airport
All-inclusive – 300 rooms
Description from resort website: 1 buffet restaurant and 2 à la carte restaurants – 3 bars – 1 pool – day & night tennis
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Club Maeva Tulum Kathy ~ USA

July 2006

Section I I have just now found some time to start writing up our trip report. We had the greatest travel reps…Frank and Marcy…from Discount Charter Vacations! – Lots of thanks to them for all their advise and help!!

Now this first part will probably be boring and you may want to wait till I get to the actual Resort Arrival:…but since this is via Apple Vacations….I think it’s good for me to send the “entire” report:

Trip Date: June 28th – July 5th, 2006 Departure out of Pittsburgh, PA: We left our home around 2:30am and arrived at Pittsburgh around 4:30a. We typically try to go the night before and stay at a place that offers the” Park and Fly” option, but since our daughter was working till 11:00 the night before, we had to wait till she got off work….so…..we parked at the Extended parking and no sooner had we unloaded our luggage from the car….a shuttle bus stopped by. Our shuttle driver was very friendly and very nice in helping us get our luggage on and off the shuttle. He directed us to the USA3000 gate and as soon as we got there they had started ticketing. There was not a long line yet….since it was just a little after 5am by this time…so that went quick and we were on our way to go thru the “check” in line.

Usually it is my husband who is always getting stopped to be searched….but he now has this down to a science and has EVERYTHING out of his pockets and his shoes OFF when he goes thru. This time…it was my turn to get ‘Stopped”…since I had on an ankle wrap. I was wearing a pair of Teva sandals….but they “swabbed” around the ankle wrap and swabbed my hands too. That’s ok….they were very nice about it wasn’t like we were in a rush or anything.

The Flight and Mexico Arrival: Our flight was not full….so the girls were able move to a row of seats each. They slept the whole way down. I was tired but couldn’t sleep…so I read. Wasn’t interested in the movie ….but that’s ok. The flight reps were friendly and nice and it was a pleasant trip. We usually always dread the arrival into Mexico because of the long lines and going thru customs…but when we arrived…there were NO LINES and we just breezed right through. That was a FIRST for us! As you walk out…you must hand the airport worker your customs form that you filled out on the plane, then press a button. If it flashes “Green”…you go thru…if it flashes red…you must stop to have your luggage searched. It is totally random and not based on anything in particular….so we were lucky this time and went right thru.

As many people already know…but “first timers” may not…as you walk thru the airport to get outside to your TRUE Apple Rep and buses….many workers will approach you saying…”Apple Vacations? Apple Vacations?”… soon as you say “yes” they will grab your bags and carry them for you to the bus…which is right outside anyway. This is their way of making money and if you want to allow it you must tip them. But they are NOT associated with Apple Vacations …or any other Vacation company…so you can just continue on and say “No, Gracias”. They will respect that.

This is all for now…as I have an appointment in 15 minutes…so more to follow later today.

Section II Arrival At Club Maeva Tulum!:
The Bus to CMT was a large one – air conditioned with comfortable seats. To be honest…I fell asleep and didn’t wake up till we started dropping people off at the various resorts. The bus only had to make four stops….with ours being the third one. Our family was the only one heading to CMT…and when we arrived….our rooms were not yet ready…(as it was about 11:30am ) – That’s ok….we expected that. The girls quickly changed and headed to the beach. The hotel staff took our bags and placed them in a locked room and asked that we check back around 2pm. We were served a fruit juice while at the desk, then Hubby and I decided to get a “feel” for the layout of the resort and get something to eat. (I’ll write more about the resort area in another section.)

Our tour reps had sent a request for us to be on a second or third floor with an ocean view and that’s exactly what we got! – We were in Building B on the second floor – directly across from the volley ball court – which was on the beach. In all of our trips….this was the first time with such a view! –( I know that the view of the ocean was better due to the damage sustained from the hurricane.) – The girls’ room was directly beside ours. They give you the room keys on a lanyard that you can wear around your neck if you like. You also get a lock and key for the room safe and no extra charge. We have been to resorts where you must pay for the safe key…or at least put a deposit on it. Also were given two towel cards. Pretty much the same drill.

Rooms were small but quite adequate. I liked the tiled shower. Good water pressure. Air conditioning worked great. In the mornings we had to run the water a little longer to get hot water…but was not a problem. I always take Bounce Fabric sheets and stick three or four in the grate of the Air Flow and this freshens the room instantly if there is a “musty” smell. The beds were firm and My husband and I slept quite well. No complaints. Yes….we have stayed in resorts with larger rooms…but since we spend little time actually IN our rooms…it’s not an issue for us. I loved the balcony and the Hammock. I would spend about 45 minutes every evening in the hammock….listening to the beach music and just enjoying being there. There was a small fridge that contained two bottles of water, a few soft drinks and three cans of SOL beer. I wrote a note and taped 2 dollars on the fridge the first day…letting them know that we liked Regular Coke, not Coke Lite…and after that…that’s all we got. It was nice.

I will say that the only thing that we laughed about was the fact that there were only 2…sometimes 3 TV channels that you could watch in English. There was CNN news based out of Hong Kong, a movie channel that played “King Arthur” for 4 of the 7 days we were there! (Straight…no commercials…just the movie…over and over and over and over and over….(see where I am going with this???? Ha ha) –….. Then some vampire movie for 2 of the 7 days and …oh yes…. one other movie with Vin Deasal for one day. Needless to say….we never sat down and watched ANY of the from beginning to end, but, except for the Vin Deasal movie…..I can pretty much say we probably saw every scene at some point along the way.

Section III

RESORT and Grounds Area:
The main bar is right off of the pool area and we liked the placement of it. (See what I start with??? The placement of the main bar…??? )

The main dining area is located on the second floor of the building and we were pleasantly surprised to find that it was air conditioned. I wondered if there might be an elevator but did not see access to one. I am sure there is one, however. There was a beautiful painting on the wall depicting much of Mexico and the Tulum area. I hope to upload some pictures later and have a few good ones of it.

The pool is not overly large, but very nice. I liked the very shallow area next to the tables. You could just lay there and soak up rays all day if you wanted. (I preferred spending most of the day on the beach though.) My husband and I developed a routine of heading to the pool area around 5pm to chill out, watch the tequila volley ball in the pool, try the “drink of the day”….and to listen to the music. I really liked the mix of music at this resort. It was great….and even our “older teens” said they liked the music selections!!

There wasn’t a long walk to anywhere…..but I never minded walking distances anyway….sort of makes me feel like I am at least walking off SOME of the calories I have consumed!

You could definitely tell that there had been a lot of Lush vegetation there prior to the hurricane…but the resort workers were diligently planting and working on the landscaping while we were there.

Section IV

The Food I know that everyone has different tastes in food so what I am writing is our opinion. From the first day…My husband and I were totally impressed with the food!! It was probably the BEST we have had at any resort! Our first night there was on a Wednesday…and it was "Fiesta" night. Absolutely fantastic! – We both love to try new things and everything we tried was delicious. Our girls loved the soups…and so did I! As I said…the main dinner area was on the second floor and was air conditioned. This was nice. Towards the end of our vacation….there were more people coming to dinner and it got a little crowded with the lines for food quite long. From reading other posts…I am now thinking it was more people coming from the XPU-HA Palace. Dinner started being served at 7:30pm….and after about 45 minutes…..lines cleared out and food was constantly being prepared. There were also some great desserts…but we really liked the different items that were being prepared fresh everynight. An of course….every thing is good with a little chocolate syrup!!

Every Night was a theme night. Probably the only night I wasn’t "thrilled" with was "Italian night"….but only because I’m not a big pasta fan. There was always fresh fish and several nights fresh Salmon with dill sauce. One of my favorites. WE were so happy with the food at the buffet that we didn’t try the specialty restaurant.

The breakfasts were also good. Omletts made fresh…eggs prepared as you like them….fresh fruit, breads….cereals….etc. Every other day they would have hot rice cooked in milk…with vanilla and sweetened. It was very,very good…and so was the cooked oatmeal.

Lunches on the beach were always good…and of course there was the brick oven Pizza. It took awhile to get to try the pizza as it was so popular and there was always a long line waiting. A couple times while waiting in line….there would be those a head who would take the entire pizza as it came out of the oven….so I just gave up waiting. When I did get to try it…it was very good.

I always try to be careful and not eat the salads….but our daughter’s friend was a salad fiend and I tried to tell her to take it easy….she did have a day or two of stomach upset…nothing bad…and after taking an Imodium…she was fine. She took it easy the rest of the time….steered clear of the salads and had no more problems.

Section V

Activities,Ancillary Thoughts, and Summation:
Ok…I’ll try to wrap up this report and add things as they come to mind. I certainly hope I don’t loose what I am writing because as I speak…we are experiencing a thunder storm and yes…I know I should just shut down my computer but I wanted to get this finished.

The Maevamigos, as you have read in many other posts…do a SUPERB job of making each day fun…for those that WANT to participate! – They are not pushy …but make sure they give everyone a chance to know what is going on and when. Volley ball was my daughter’s favorite. Dance lessons by the pool around 4:30 – 5pm were fun and there was also bracelet making every day by the pool at 5pm. Fun for adults AND kids! Kayak races…"Iron Man" competition…Tequila volley ball…etc ect. The most fun I had was the Sandcastle contest. Even though we didn’t win. It was fun reverting to a "kid" again AND the fact that my husband and daughter "indulged" me and "played along"…made it even more fun….. (I thought it had all the qualities…..size, beauty, AND unique!! ) lol…

We took walks the length of the beach to the left of CMT and made a few small purchases from the vendors located up from the beach near the dive shop. One of the vendors… I can’t remember his name but I have his "card" somewhere still in a suitcase…said that he used to be able to set up at CMT but since they have changed owners…it is political but he still offered the same great service…and I will indeed say that he did. His prices were fair and since I have been to Mexico several times….I knew an approx price I would pay for a "wrap" or a "hammock" ets. He was "right on" when quoting a price to me so I say no need to "haggle" When I find his card I will post his name for anyone interested. His was a small shop…the first one you would come to I think when walking up the beach. Very friendly, kind, and not pushy!

We took a taxi one day to a Cenote…"Eden". I know we could have walked to the road and caught a collectivo…and had it been just my husband and I …we would have….but suffice it to say we had two teens with us and we took the easy route. I love snorkeling in cenotes and it was one of the hightlights of our trip. I think the cost of the taxi was about $8 for the four of us…$14 entrance fee…and $8 for our return. My husband told our driver when we would like to return…and he sent another taxi to pick us up at the exact time…since he had another fare scheduled. We were quite pleased with that and Bob made sure both were tipped. It would have been a bit of a walk back to the main road…which isn’t bad when it’s not so hot….so we were very happy.

Becuase of the slight waves during the time we were there…I found that I would get sort of "sea sick" I guess…when snorkeling out from the shore…so I didn’t stay out very long each time. I opted out of going on a snorkeling tour with the dive shop associated with CMT…but my husband went and had a wonderful time. I believe the cost was around $35 – and they were gone a little over 3 hours. Snorkeled at Akumel bay I think…and Bob had a wonderful time seeing all the turtles. Maybe on another trip I will try to do that. Or if we go stay at ABR…I understand you are right there anyway!!!

The rain has finally subsided here and I am really enjoying recounting our trip. Puts me "back there" as I know you understand……

We enjoyed walking to breakfast in the early mornings….leaving tidbits for the cats and feeding the fish by the bridge. We were told that the other "animals" wondering about in the mornings were "lemors" (sp?) – They looked to be a cross between a raccoon (something I’m familiar with…living in the country in WV.) – and a possum and an ant eater…(because of the long slim snout) – People would feed them and it was fun watching them…but oh…they looked to have some SHARP teeth….so I kept my distance.

The only pics I have to upload right now are those taken on our digital camera…so I’ll get those on and post the link. Hopefully will have the others in the not too distant future.

I don’t know if I have much more to add…but anyone can feel free to email me with questions about our stay. Once again….I am saddened by the fact that it seems CMT will not be the same for long…and I only hope we can get at least one more trip there before things start to change too much. I will keep my eye on the posts….

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Club Maeva Tulum – Tulum John and Ann

March 2006

We just returned home from one of the best vacations we have ever taken. My husband, 7 year old son and I spent a great week at Club Maeva Tulum. This was our fourth trip to the Mayan Riviera. The last 4 years we have stayed exclusively at Iberostar resorts. Having done the 5 star mega resort thing, we were in the mood for a smaller, more laid back resort. We researched CMT very thoroughly and read all of the reviews both good and bad. We both went not expecting more than a clean room and a great beach. Were we ever surprised and delighted! What we found was a small, elegant resort that treated us all very well from arrival to departure.

The resort/room
We arrived on time from our USA 3000 flight. Our room was not ready when we checked in, so we changed into our suits, stashed our luggage and headed to the beach. I was nervous about leaving our luggage after reading about so many thefts, but nothing was missing. We had pizza on the beach, played in the beautiful blue water then hit the pool. We checked on our room a little before PM and it was actually ready. My husband had e mailed the resort before hand requesting an ocean view room in either building B or C. We were assigned to Coba 305. After a long and winding walk through the courtyard and building B we climbed the stairs and got our first "million dollar view". We opened the door and were treated to vaulted ceilings and a beautiful view of the Caribbean from the balcony. The rooms had two double beds that we pushed together to make one big bed. Yes they were firm, but very clean and comfortable. The room was spacious and clean, more than adequate. There was a minor problem with our sliding patio door that was fixed within the hour. We even asked for extra pillows later that evening and to our amazement, they were waiting in our room when we got back from dinner. We didn’t even get extra pillows when we stayed at Disney World! The room had a mini bar which was stocked on a daily basis. Maid service always left plenty of towels and made towel animals and fans most days. We did tip $2.00 daily. This is something we do wherever we travel. Building C is farthest from the main buildings but the walk was nice. There are lagoons surrounding each building, we enjoyed feeding the fish from the bridge areas in the morning. This resort does have lots of cats which they feed and vaccinate. Not being cat lovers, this was an issue that concerned us. Once again, our fear was unfounded. We saw lots of cats, but they are not obtrusive or annoying in any way. Believe me, I would be the first person to complain about the odor of cat urine, but there wasn’t one. The resort also had lots of ducks, coatmondis (only saw a few of these) and iguanas. Overall, the resort is very clean and well kept.

The beach/pool
The first 4 days we were on vacation, it was very windy. Spending any time at the beach was miserable; sand was blasting everywhere and the red flag was out in full force. We did get a couple of beach days that made up for the wind. The beach is very beautiful. Wide, flat sand that is great for strolling. The water is clear blue and has lots of rocky coral and tiny shells. The beach is a bay, so when the weather is calm, I imagine the surf is very gentle. There were plenty of palapas and chairs. This goes for the pool too. The pool is large and has several shallow areas that are great to put your chair in for sunbathing. The only time this place felt crowded were the really windy days when nobody was at the beach. There was some chair saving going on, but this happens everywhere. The hotel staff were actually bringing up extra chairs from the beach to make room for people at the pool during the "hurricane winds".

The food overall was very good. They had a lot of variety and paid a lot of attention to hygiene. This is the first place I have ever seen hot and cold dishes covered both at the main buffet and at the beach. The brick pizza oven at the beach is to die for. Those guys make a great pizza. We ate that for lunch as often as we could. There were a couple of days that were so windy, they couldn’t make pizza. The omelette bar for breakfast was awesome. For evening meals, they had a different theme every day. Wednesday was Mexican, Thursday BBQ, Friday French buffet, Saturday fish, Sunday Italian (which was very yummy), Monday Caribbean and Tuesday was garlic buffet. I don’t know for sure where the garlic came in, but they fried fish, chicken and lots of veggies that were delicious. They always had two different meat entrees and lots of salads. My son is a pickier eater than I care to admit and there were times he didn’t find a lot to eat at supper, but nobody went hungry believe me. The tables seat 8 and we got to meet a lot of different people at meal times which was really nice. We saw a couple of the shows when we could stay up and they were really very good. The entertainment staff work tirelessly. You’ll see them making pancakes at breakfast, playing games during the day, at the dinner buffet and dancing in the evening show. Our favorite show was the Riverdance number-it was fantastic. The Maevamigos work very hard and try to encourage participation in the activities, but I never found them to be intrusive. I had a great time playing Tequila volleyball.

There were not a lot of kids here this week. We were lucky enough to meet a family from Iowa that we had exchanged e mails with over the Internet. Our little boys hit it off and played together a couple of days. It was so nice to meet another family-especially such a nice one. We went snorkeling at Yal-ku lagoon-this was awesome. It cost $6.00 US for adults and $3.00 for kids to enter. They will rent snorkel gear also, but they do charge. After snorkeling, we were pointed in the direction of La Buena Vida which was about 2 miles down the road. What a walk! It was so neat to see some of the off the beaten path areas in Akumal. We were all delighted with the view and the great food at La Buena Vida. This was definitely one of the highlights of the trip for us. Mike and Mel had been to Xel-ha the previous year and they said there was absolutely no comparison in the amount of fish and quality of snorkeling-Yal-ku won hands down. The lagoon also has lots of really neat statues everywhere. There were lots of Europeans (mainly Italians) and Canadians at this resort. Americans were definitely in the minority. The Canadians have got to be the nicest people-we met several very friendly and interesting people. My little boy said "Everyone is so friendly here". Overall, we had a great experience. This is a top notch little resort and a great value. We would definitely go back.

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Club Maeva Tulum – Tulum Mike and Angie ~ New London, WI USA

January 2006

My husband and I went to Club Meave Tullum on Oct 5-12 2005, and it wasn’t long enough! We had an awesome time!

First the beach it was really neat always clean and well groomed. We loved the snorkeling and seeing the sting rays. There was always a place to sit and relax. The resort was only half full. The beach went on and on and on. You do have to pay for snorkeling, we didn’t know that but it wasn’t the hotels fault it was our travel agent. Beach is sandy and soft! Some gals had gone topless but it wasn’t weird or disrespectful.

We never had a problem with little critters or not being cool enough. We were given an ocean view room (which I think because we were on our honeymoon) and it had a great view. Our room was always tidy and neat when ever we came back. We did bring a bottle of Frabreeze along and used it the first day and second, that was it. We only slept and changed in our room. The shower was big, not very much hot water but, we were the last room up top of Coba? Maybe that was that but we managed.

Awesome! My husband actual was eating fish tacos until I told him he wasn’t eating chicken! Lots of choices and friendly service, We wanted to try everything, but there wasn’t enough time. Nice cozy bar/luchenette at beach area and it was good food! Something you’d expect to snack on! There was a little brick fired pizza station, but we didn’t get a chance to go there because it was always super busy and we were eating the lunch buffet anyway! The special night out was cool! It wasn’t fancy or anything, but the cuisine was a nice change of pace considering the buffet! All of the buffets were great!

We are from the Midwest. I guess we expect that same old friendly feeling like your family service. And that’s what was delivered! My husband and I don’t have a problem letting who ever know about service (whether good or bad) and it was nice. I was scared a bit on the vacation website because it only gave them 3stars but should have been something like 5. The hotel was about 45min late in picking us up to leave on our last day but we got to the airport none the less!

All in all, Mike and I aren’t the type of people who need our waiters serve us on silver platters and white gloves. We like a great time for a great price. We were actually wavering between CMT and another all inclusive in Tullum, but when the website described the restaurant as men having to wear jackets and closed toe shoes we were made up our minds right then and there. We love CMT and we have decided to come back every year. Thanks CMT You Guys Were Great!

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Club Maeva Tulum – Tulum Ken and Janette ~ Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

January 2006

Our stay at Club Maeva Tulum – Tulum was very nice, as this was our first all inclusive trip for 1 week. I went with my girlfriend and we really enjoyed the experience. We did notice alot of kids since it was during the holiday season. The hurricane did affect some areas and you can see some signs of devastation in the background which is normal. The food was very good, the staff was very helpful and kind and even though we were slightly late for many meals (due to time change / jet lag and just being plain lazy), the staff adopted to us quickly as if there was no trouble at all (we were very grateful for that and we tipped him well during our last night).

We felt very safe at any time of the day and night. We did notice on the bottom floor (it’s a cement building) in COBA, the room was always musty and the clothes and bedding were slightly damp or had an odor. The staff did replace our linen and pillows and they did move us to the 2nd floor with a hammock and a nice view with a breeze with the sound of the waves which made our trip 150% better. Even though we were promised a king size bed (from the travel agent) and they only had 2 doubles in each room left.. I would suggest the resort to provide a shuttle to prevent using the taxi (slightly expensive). We did rent a car just to get around, so our shopping and getting around was completed in 2 days. There were no mosquitoes, cats are very polite too.. never had a chance to really appreciate the Beach restaurant for supper because of timing, its crazy to get up so early when your on vacation..

Pizza on the beach was fun, thanks

I wanted to hear some live music (anything, even singing), I hoped to hear some in the evening but that never happened. We would have liked to have a piano bar provided (beach restaurant?) while the disco was in effect so we could enjoy our company and conversation.(a nice quiet place) ( there is enough bartenders available to fulfill 2 locations at the same time), including a couple of pool tables would have been nice to pass the time.. we did end up sitting on the beach chairs at midnight looking at the stars at least..

Next time I will bring my sax and provide some live entertainment and my girlfriend can teach belly dancing or give acupressure massage therapy . Over all, it was fun, enjoyable, staff was great, and memorable!

Thank-you Club Maeva Tulum!

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Club Maeva Tulum – Tulum Dana

July 2005

Does anyone know how Hurricane Emily affected Club Maeva? We stayed for a week last month and were wondering if it was still standing!

I agree with all of the other good review comments. We are in our 40’s, my daughter and her family are in their 20’s and our granddaughter is 5. We all had a wonderful time and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a Mexican vacation that is reasonably priced. We would stay there again.

We thought the food was wonderful. The drinks were "fair." The College age entertainment staff, the "MaevaAmigos" made the stay fun and enjoyable. Hats off to Fran from Wisconsin and all of the other talented and hard working staff.

The high humidity made the rooms a little musty smelling so definitely take an air freshener and some linen spray or Febreeze for the sheets. Don’t forget the bug spray for mosquitoes and a large insulated cup to keep your beach drinks cool!

This is not the fanciest of resorts but it is clean and friendly. We had a blast!

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Club Maeva Tulum – Tulum Lori

June 2005

3 Families in 40’s with teenage girls and pre-teens.

This is a lovely 4 star resort..It is family oriented, layed back, and very nice. The food was very good…You can eat at the dinner beach house if you are willing to get up @ 0630 a.m. to make reservations..the steak night is good…The shrimp are very tasty..The Mexican night is excellent (buffet), the oriental was good too. I was very impressed with the food especially for a buffett. The soups are very good also…

The beach is beautiful…you can float,swim, snorkel,and walk..there is a pier that you can walk out on and fish from..There are title pools by the pier that are fun to check out the sea critters…We saw sting out not to step on them. and lots of fish snorkeling..There are plenty of palpas no towel game. The pool is a little too warm but still refreshing…

The rooms are fine…not fancy but clean..the shower is great..It would be nice to have some separation from the dressing area and the main room, but you can not see in the shower.Beds are only full beds and a little small for a couple. They are also hard. All beds in Mexico are hard…what’s up with that?? Ask for 2nd floor rooms if possible..building B was a good location.

The staff is awesome..they work very hard (please tip) they seem to actually like there job..

Their tennis courts are very nice, the pro gives a good lesson, and there is a golf range where you can hit a bucket of balls. I took the Spanish class and the cooking class, and the tequila tasting class( highly recommend) it was very fun ..

There are tame, cats throughout the resort..I am not a cat person but found them to be very pleasant and enjoyed feeding them..My daughter loved the kittens..they apparently have all their shots and are cared for by the resort. I fed the fish from the bridges..fed the ducks..and watched the raccoons..All of these animals added to the charm of this resort. It truly is a local resort with American and European influences…

We took the collectivos every where and recommend them..go to tulum ruins early it gets very hot..snorkel in Akumal bay with the turtles..Playa is fun for shopping. I very much enjoyed my stay at the Club maeva and would consider staying there again. My Pre-teens had a blast. My teenagers would have preferred more cute boys around.I haven’t stayed at a resort twice yet though too much too see and do. If you want marble and fancy sit down restaurants then go to a more expensive 5 star resorts, but that will not necessarily make your vacation better just more expensive….Recommend for a great, quiet , layed back restful family vacation…

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Club Maeva Tulum – Tulum Rhonda

June 2005

You get what you pay for….

This was not a good place to stay. We went for quick weekend, and I’m so grateful it was only 3 days! The room was musty and never did get dry, problems with A/C. The room was full of mosquitoes (we slept with sheets over our heads and still got bit). The food is only available at specific times and they run out quickly. The company that owns this resort needs to put some money in this place or just close it!

DO not take children here, there are feral cats and coati’s everywhere. We saw one little girl who had been scratched and bitten by one of the cats. A man from Boston had a coati try to attack him! There are too many other places to stay in this area to waste your money on this one.

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Club Maeva Tulum – Tulum Charlotte USA

May 2005

Just came back 2 days ago and wish we were STILL THERE! Planned our trip over 6 months in advance & read tons of reports in advance so there were no suprises. Well, I should say no "disappointments"….. the suprises were how well it exceeded our expectations.

First off, let me say that there are lots of wonderful places to go along the Riviera Maya coast. Each place has it’s pluses and are great in themselves….. the constant travel is a testimony to that fact. With that being said CMT was the PERFECT SPOT for us. We saw the Iberostars,Bahia’s and the Palaces….. Goodness Gracious they were spectacular! !Just like something out of Hollywood or Vegas – Mega Metropolises and very impressive.

That to us….. was what made Club Maeva so special. We were looking for a nice quiet, smaller, quaint place to vacation with a great beach and "village" atmosphere. It’s exactly what we got.

The room was sufficient. Not spectacular but pleasantly decorated. We only slept, showered & dressed in there. Most our waking hours were spent on the beach!! Beds were firm but not nearly as scary as I had anticipated. Pillows nice & fluffy. Shower was great w/plenty of hot water & big enough for 2. Room a little musty at first but got some air freshner & cranked up the a/c and it was fine. Same thing can happen no matter where you travel near a beach.

Speaking of the beach. It’s got to be the best one in the area. Nice areas to snorkel and swim. Nothing on one side near the pier. Pier a great place to swim off of. On the opposite end……. the beach has to be nearly a mile long there is nothing for quite a stretch even after the Maeva property has ended. Beach has lots of palapas & palms. NEVER a problem getting a chair. Volleyball court set on the beach but back so it doesn’t interfer with the view of the water or take up much appreciated lounging area. Basketball court there, too. Walked up the beach to the Coppacabana and was shocked at how small & crowded it was. Absolutely no comparrison. Please don’t be angry over my observations. Just that. I’m sure the Coppa has great features, too. It’s beach just isn’t one of them.

Food was great. If you didn’t like one thing there was something else. More fried than I’m used to but there was TONS of fruit, salads, vegetables & soups….. along w/fish, chicken, pork, beef, etc. Not Americanized or TexMex style food to me. Did have Fries, burgers & hot dogs at the beach restaurant. Pizza in the wood fired oven was wonderful and the bbq on the beach with the tri-pod set up w/whole grilled fish was delicious! Lots of condiments to add to put your own personal flavor to your dishes.

Again, my opinion: to me, for the size of the place it wouldn’t make much sense to add more restaurants. It was just right for the size of the resort. NONE of us went hungry! It’s Mexico and different from home or other places. Didn’t expect it to be like down home. When we want that… that’s where we’ll head…. down home! lol!!

Drinks were wonderful, too. Plenty, good & tasty. Took our Bubba Kegs and kept them full. The bartender knew exactly how much to mix whether it was our 34 oz size or our friend’s 52 oz Monster. Blended and poured to exactly fit whatever you had to fill!

Sat in on the Tequilla tasting class & at the end was give the opportunity to choose from a couple different brands that are fairly new out. They were promos the Bar Manager offered us. If you go take advantage of that. We got a bottle for $22 US and saw the EXACT SAME stuff at the Duty Free shop for $99. Boy did that ever make us happy. Learned a lot to on the making & differences of Tequilla/Mexcal. VERY informative & would recommend it.

Entertainment wasn’t Broadway or Vegas but our trip wasn’t booked there. The Maevamigos did great. On Thursday (just happened to fall on Cinco de Mayo), a visiting group came w/traditional Mexican/Mayan dancing & Lasso display that had several changes of costume and was fantastic. I felt like I was IN Mexico.. not in the States at a Mexican "style" show. Most times we were in bed by 10:00 anyway, from all the sun & margaritas…. fishing, swimming & excursions. We left the rest to those who wanted to party-on.

Oh…. excursions, the Funjet/Lomas Rep, Salvador set up a 1/2 day fishing excursion for my husband and another guy from our group. My husband came back one HAPPY MAN…. he got a 144lb, 92" White Marlin, that is being prepared to don our wall above the fireplace! O.K. not MY choice… but it was a catch of a life time for him!!

The grounds are just beautiful… being constantly tended to, raked & trimmed. All palapas on the beach are being re-thatched….. bigger & better; two new basketball backstops were installed while we were there; new ping-pong table; lots of new painting near the main bar & serveral rooms getting new mirrors, etc. Tennis courts are AWESOME. A group of "International Club" members came in on Thursday for a Mexican/American Tournament.

Pool was warm but refreshing. Where we spent the last hour of the afternoon before getting back to the rooms to get ready for dinner. Clothing optional area was peaceful and privately set. Lovely landscaping everywhere.

In the evening it was a perfect place to sit in the courtyard with an after dinner drink, relax and take in the atmosphere. Just perfect & what we were looking for. A little Mexican village in the middle of no-where. Who cares that the curb appeal from the road wasn’t impressive??? Club Maeva to us, was a hidden jewel in the jungle. Our little piece of paradise.

Staff, from the bellman, maids, cooks, waiters, bartenders, groundskeepers, management, animation teams…… you name it… were hard working and lovely to meet.

There’s more to add but will leave something for a future traveler’s reporting. Would I recommend it to someone else? Sure, there were families, young couples/newlyweds, old & middle aged couples, Italians, French, German, Canadians, Americans, Brittish, Russian, Mexican, etc…. people from all walks of life. Remember, no matter where you go……. 99% is attitude and what YOU make of it.

Would we go again?? You betcha. Next time for 10 days instead of 7!!!

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Club Maeva Tulum – Tulum Neil ~ USA

May 2005

Just got back from 1 week on May 8.

Beach is great, Drinks were great and most everything everyone else says is true. This is our second time, first time being one year ago.

The animation team has completely changed except for 2 members (Timmy and CZ) from last year.

I would guess it is hard to put on a good show when it is like musical chars but at least they tried.

Problem: The resort fills up with locals on Friday who leave on Sunday. Pool becomes crowded. Rooms become noisy.

BUT WORST OF ALL the food becomes scarce at the buffet and the quality and breadth of the offerings goes down. It seems clear that

the hotel is interested in getting lots of locals in for the weekend and feeding them as inexpensively as they can. We have seen this elsewhere in Mexico.

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Club Maeva Tulum – Tulum Kathy ~ USA

April 2005

I just came back from Club Maeva. Overall it was a very nice resort. I definitely got my moneys worth. It was fairly cheap compared to other resorts I’ve stayed at so I was a little skeptical. I would definitely go again but only with my children. I would not want to go away here with just my husband.

The food was really good. I found them to serve more American food than Mexican. There was always something different at the buffet everynight. The only things that bothered me was that they served absolutely no shellfish at the buffet. Also when I am vacationing I like to eat at different places. So eating at the buffet every day for breakfast and dinner became a little monotonous. They need to add another restaurant or two.

We ate at the Beach restaurant one night. Which they only offer I think 3 nights a week and you do need reservations. You have to wait in line at 6:30am for your reservado. That is not for me when I am on vacation. It books so fast beacause each person usually books for 6-12 people and the restaurant is very small. There we did have shellfish, but the service was sooooo slow. The total time to get all of our courses took about 2 1/2 hours. I would definitly reccomend going into Puerto Advenurous for dineer a night or 2. Obviously you have to pay, but it is well worth it for dinner when u are on vacation. At Puerto they have plenty of outside restaurants serving great food in a beautiful setting.

The entertainment at this hotel is defintily a little cheesey. But all of the maveamigos were very nice though.

The rooms are very tight and a little out-dated. There were cracks all over the walls and stains dripping down the walls. A little on the dirty side. They defintly need to update and repair the rooms. The first night my daughter and I almost got sick from the smell in the rooms and the pillows and linens. Everybody that we met said their rooms smelled bad also. They came the next day and changed the pillows. I was very shocked when they were changing the pillow cases and saw old blood stains all over the pillows. I instantly became grossed out. After we received new pillows we felt a little better. Bring your own pillow!

If you are looking for a cheaper getaway, I would reccomend. Otherwise I would stay at a more upscale resort. The apple rep. at the resort was reccomending other hotels and saying she didn’t think this was a great place to stay at.

Again great place for the money I wouldn’t give it anymore than 3 stars.

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Club Maeva Tulum – Tulum Ian

April 2005

My wife and I stayed from March 27 to April 3 in the Copa building with our two children. We have one daughter 10 years old and a son 13 years old.

Excellent beach (very large) and good food, but modest rooms. We stayed during spring-break and the resort did not feel busy or full because the complex is extremely large for a 300 room resort. This resort represented very good value and we would definitely return.

We ate at the buffets every day and always found at least one really special dish. They had a good selection of pasta, meats, fish and we particularly enjoyed the beef fajitas, churros, donuts, crepes, vegetables, fruits, seafood, pizza and pasta … Our children always found something to eat and never complained about the food.

The A/C didn’t work in the first room we were given but, worked intermittantly in the second room. We were immediately given the second room once we reported the problem. We had no hot water for the first day but, it was fixed on the next day. We stayed in the Copa building which is very close to the beach but farthest from the buffet and pool. This building would not be suitable for someone who struggles walking. The Bonam Park and Akumul buildings are close to the main pool and buffet but, may be a little noisier.

The resort is more layed-back compared to the Copacabana (we stayed there in March 2004). My children enjoyed the kids club, bingo, basketball, beach volleyball, ping pong, darts and foosball. They have 8 absolutely gorgeous tennis courts but, we were unable to play on them because my wife and I are recovering from some health issues. They also have a beautiful soccer field and a golf driving range. (apparently the driving range is free if you signup for the free golf lessons) My son enjoyed the nightly shows but I found them kind-of amateurish but, entertaining.

We did go on any exursions but, the colectivios are a bit of walk from the lobby of the hotel.

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Club Maeva Tulum – Tulum Samantha ~ Canada

April 2005

We just arrived back home last week from Club Maeva, we all enjoyed our stay! I definitely recommend this place, me personally I would rate this a 5 star! at first,things were a little confusing, with all the activities and especially at dinner time. We’ve been to many beaches and this one was the best one we’ve been to so far! soft, and very clean! we had a nice long two weeks, most guests only stayed there for only 1 week so we got to know the maevamigos pretty well! same age as me and my friend,made great friends with them!

The food there is really good, and you probably got a lot of comments, especially on this one particular chocolate cake! it was gone so fast.. the weather was really nice, a few windy days and only one cloudy colder day, but that doesn’t matter.

Near the area there was a lot to do, we went on a Mayan tour, saw the ruins, went to xcaret. Also Playa de Carmen is a good place to do your souvenir shopping, they also have very nice bars and restaurants there!

The shows the Maveamigos do are really good, except the comedy show is not all that great, I heard they switching shows and are starting up a circ du soli type thing. They have a show each night, they have riverdance, broadway( I liked this show, recomend), Mexican night, Jazz and then the lip Sync( recomended..especially for the ladies!! *whistle*) these guys are all awesome, they all work very hard, and work 16 hours a day! Im planning on coming back to this area and mabye try and get a job as a maevamigo next summer, that would be fun! especially if the same guys still work there! If your planning on going to this resort say hi to all of them from me! especially to Leann, Charlie and Timmy 🙂 they are fun, so get to know them!!!

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Club Maeva Tulum – Tulum Randi ~ B.C Canada

April 2005

Well, My freind and I had just come back from Club Maeva, and lets just say it was an absolute wonderful time. We stayed there for 2 weeks, March 20-April 3rd. It was so great. The entertainment was really good, my favorite show was the Lypsync, and the River Dance. The food there was sooo good, i loved it, I gained like…3 pounds after those 2 weeks were up. They had a lot of choices, and every night had a diffrent theme.

They always had something going on. Either Tequilla vball, Beach vball, basketball, soccer, dancing, cooking, windsurfing, You name it! And the Staff are very friendly and I got to know them quite well.

The rooms were very nice, comfy,roomy, and cool. I was in Coba, it was a long walk from there to the main place, but it didnt bother me much haha.

They had lots of animals running all over the place, We fed the little racoon/badger things, the fish, cats and all. But carefull…they might bite!(racoons) haha.

We had an awesome time, and I am going to Definently come back to this resort, I would reccomend it to all, Couples, Parents with Kids,Honey Mooners…etc.

I would rate this resort ****1/2 🙂

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Club Maeva Tulum – Tulum Diane ~ USA

April 2005

Just returned from a week at the Club Maeva Tulum. This was our first time in the Cancun/Riviera Maya area. We have been to all-inclusive hotels in St. Lucia and the Dominican Republic. We are a family of 4 with kids ages 12 and 8.

The resort is smaller, which we actually liked because we could leave our son playing in the sand on the beach and accompany our daughter to the pool and then walk back and forth between the two.

The beach is very nice. We had no trouble finding a lounge chair on the beach. It was often quite windy and one day the sand hitting you actually hurt! Beach volleyball was a challenge on the windy days!! The flag was yellow for most of the days we were there. We had one green day when we did some snorkeling at the coral reefs right off the beach. We saw a few fish. My husband and daughter saw more when they went further out…even a sting ray.

The pool is smaller than the ones we are used to. It’s brackish water…I think! It was salty and a bit cloudy. The pool was refreshing in the afternoons! There’s a secluded area by the spa if you want to get away for a while. Really nice! Check it out!

The Maevamigos are great people. They work long days and I admire how much they do. Still, the activity choices were limited. They only ran beach volleyball twice a day and then a salsa lesson on the beach. At the pool, the did water polo once a day, aerobics once a day and bracelet lessons twice a day. They have crazy hour each afternoon at 5, but it was bingo..not too crazy! Occasionally, they’d throw in a game of tequila volleyball. Tennis lessons were offered twice during the week but no one ever showed up to give them. This is a shame as they have beautiful tennis facilities! The shows were good. The lip sync is funny and definitely worth your time. The comedy show was pretty awful! They try really hard and we did enjoy most of the shows.

The food was fine. We found things to eat at every meal and enjoyed the food. They rely heavily on fried foods( I gained 3 pounds…yikes!!) They have folks making food at about 5 different stations, so some of the food is made right in front of you. There wasn’t a lot of beef offered. No steaks at all. I found chicken breasts at most meals and pork was plentiful. There was also a lot of fish and some shellfish available. The shrimp was usually mixed in with other things not alone. Eat up the fruit! It was delicious! I agree with an earlier review that the desserts were mostly custards. Occasionally there would be a chocolate cake out and it would disappear quickly. If you’re a chocoholic, like me, look for chocolate buns in the morning and at lunch. They have bars of chocolate inside them. Very nice! We never ate in the other restaurant. We heard other people saying how they got up at 6 to wait and then the first 5 people got all the places. We figured it wasn’t worth it for us.

Being animal lovers, we enjoyed seeing all the cats around. I was comforted to learn that they do feed the cats! We took hot dogs from the beach restaurant to feed some of them. The coatimudis were incredible! They can be found en mass (30+) in the morning by the B building. We brought them bread a few mornings. They do get quite forward and I had to scare them away from my daughter a few times.

Our room was adequate. The beds are hard but we slept through each night. The bathroom is large…if you include the dressing space and sink area. The toilet room is quite small. The shower was large and other than the last morning, I was able to take a nice hot shower. If it wasn’t hot enough, I turn it to cold and then back to hot. It seemed to do the trick. Our toilet overflowed the first night. There seems to be a lot of that going on down there! Whatever you do, don’t flush twice!! We used our beach towels to soak up the water and then they wanted us to keep them overnight in our room! After 3 calls, we got new towel cards and left the stinky towels out in the hallway. Our friends had a problem with their phone but they didn’t figure that out until they didn’t get a wake-up call on the last day.

The kids club was fine. It was only open from 10-12 and then 4-6 each day and they did not have activities planned. Our daughter went most days and looked forward to that time. Leann from Michigan was great with the kids and even spent time with them in the evenings after the show. They did crafts or went on a cat hunt. There were no activities from the older kids but they let them participate in all the adult activities. That was nice for our son but I could see how playing water polo etc. with 12 year olds could get frustrating for real competitive men.

We did take an excursion to Xcaret and had a fantastic day! We loved the animals! The underground river was really unique and quite cold! They give out life vests and we brought our own snorkel equipment. They have lockers there for $2. We needed 2 to hold 4 sets of fins,masks and snorkels. You don’t even need snorkel equipment to do the river. There weren’t that many fish to see. The place to snorkel is at the inlet designed for snorkeling. The show was really good. We particularly enjoyed the first half which is a "history" of the Mayan people. The second half was traditional Mexican dances. We chose to get a cab ($14 each way) and buy our tickets to Xcaret from the kiosk by the pool. Much cheaper than signing up for an excursion through Apple or another company.

Overall, we enjoyed the resort. I don’t think we’d go back. We’d try to go to a slightly better resort next time with more than 2 restaurants to choose from. This is a fine resort if you bring your kids with you. I wouldn’t recommend it to honeymooners or couples.

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Club Maeva Tulum – Tulum Tim & Brenda ~ Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

April 2005

My wife and I recently returned from Club Maeva Tulum. We spent two wonderful weeks (Jan 8 to 22) at this resort. We were looking for a quiet comfortable resort and Club Maeva didn’t disappoint. As background, this was our 7th trip to all inclusive resorts and this resort is number one on our list. We have enjoyed all of our trips but the beach, food, weather, service and locale all added up to our best holiday yet.

The food was excellent. Pizza at the beach was great and the bar service was fast and efficient. Never any lineups. Staff were very helpful and friendly. The front desk delivered emails from home to our room on a daily basis. The tennis courts are world class and if tennis is your game, this is the place to go. The entertainment staff were excellent. The beach is unbelievable, and no getting up early to put a towel on a lounge chair. The sand is like flour. It was awesome. Lots of loungers around the pool and the beach any time of the day. Pool area is beautiful.

Resort grounds were clean and well kept. The resort is quite large for the number of rooms. Never seems crowded. The resort even has pay washers and dryers for guest use so you can really pack light if you don’t mind doing a load of laundry while on holidays. There is an astonishing amount of wildlife. My wife delighted in feeding the cats, raccoons, catamundies and fish. Birds are plentiful and colourful.

We took advantage of the SPA services and enjoyed several massages and the Sauna on a daily basis. The SPA area is clothing optional and for adults only. Most folks wore their bathing suits in the sauna but no biggie for those that go "Au Natural". A few loungers in the spa area for nude tanning if that is your thing. The SPA area is secluded from view so if nudity makes you uncomfortable, it won’t be an issue.

The rooms were comfortable and clean. I loved the balcony and I loved relaxing in the hammock first thing in the morning and before heading to bed at night. Although not luxurious, the rooms are typical of four star hotels in the Caribbean. No musty smell at all in our room as reported in some other reviews.

Swimming in the bay was great and the snorkeling was quite good. I snorkeled several times and saw a wide variety of fish. The best area including live corals, large fans and sponges was to the right of the pier. I went out for about a 100 meters and loved it. Some nice little trenches to follow with lots to see. The snorkeling in front of the beach bar was also good with lots of fish. Even my wife enjoyed this and she is not much for snorkeling. There are stingrays in the sandy areas but they are harmless unless you stepped on the spine on their tail. By the way, the spine is not venomous but I’m sure it wouldn’t be pleasant. Watch where you step and/or wear water shoes.

Food was excellent. The buffet was great. We sat with different people for most meals as the seating is first come first serve. You can reserve tables for groups without difficulty. We did sign up for the sit down dinner at the Beach Restaurant and enjoyed it but you have to get up early as seating is very limited (about 40 people). I was there at 6:30 am and was fourth in line. They start taking reservations at 7:00 am. Only sour note was that two women cut to the front of the line after arriving at 6:55 and reserved for 11 and 8 persons respectively. That was half the spaces and after about the 6th person in line, no space was left. Needless to say, their were some people that were very annoyed with the two of them. It was then very disappointing when several people didn’t show up for their reservation. The food was very good but no better than the buffet.

Dress code for dinner was casual. Most men wore long pants or dress shorts. Women’s tended to wear dresses and skirts. I did see a few pairs of jeans.

We went on several excursions and made full use of the "Collectivos". These are white mini vans that run up and down the main highway (307). The cost to go the Playa Del Carmen (PDC) or Tulum is 15 pesos one way. You pay when you are getting out. The vans are modern and clean and are used by locals and tourists alike. Driving was good. You simply walk out to the highway and wait along the road. Collectivos run very frequently and we never waited more than 3 minutes although we may have just had great luck. As they approach, they will flash their lights if they have room and you respond with a wave. Don’t ask the price, just get in and pay 15 pesos at your destination. You can go all the way to Cancun and I believe that costs 30 pesos. We used the Collectivos to go to the Mayan ruins at Tulum, PDC, Xel Ha and Excaret. It was cheaper and very efficient. For example, the half day trip to the ruins at Tulum was $38 US per person. My wife and I took a collectivo (15 pesos pp each way), a tram to the ruins site from the hiway (20 pesos return), and paid the admission (38 pesos per person). The total was 176 pesos for both of us ($17 US) versus the $76 US from the hotel.

We went on a number of excursions from the hotel and enjoyed all of them immensely. Xel Ha was fantastic for snorkeling and Excaret had a wide variety of activities with a nightly show that is held in a beautiful outdoor covered theatre. The show told the history of Mexico and included a Mayan ball game, fireball and history of Mexico in song. Great costumes and sound. We went shopping in PDC several times and took the ferry to Cozemel. It takes about 25 minutes and costs 40 pesos per person return. When shopping, bartering is the order of the day, although some stores don’t barter. We usually paid about 1/3 to 1/2 the original asking price.

We also took an adventure tour to Coba , which included a sidetrip to repel into a Cenote and take a zip line across a lagoon. All of this was awesome and although we are not spring chickens (early forties) it was fantastic. My wife had no difficulty repelling the 45 ft to the water in the cenote. Guys please note that there are two ways up. A rope ladder or to be pulled up on a harness. Make sure your nads are not under the harness straps before they start pulling you up. One of our party made this mistake and it was not pleasant. Luckily he went first and the rest of us took his advice and made the necessary adjustments (if you know what I mean) before the lift began. He was not seriously hurt but was singing soprano on the way up. Driving on this excursion was scary. She was speeding and tailgating for the entire trip.

The ruins at Coba and Tulum were fantastic. It was almost a mystical experience to emerge from the jungle and see the main Coba pyramid. We climbed it and what a view. I felt the same way after going through the wall in Tulum and seeing the city laid out before us. It is tragic that this great civilization (Mayan/Toltec/Aztec) was wiped out by the Conquistadors virtually overnight (guns, horses, smallpox and Christianity were a deadly combo).

All and all, we will be returning to Club Maeva. Just want to add a high to Crystal and Heath (aka Keith) and Kim and Mike.

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Club Maeva Tulum – Tulum Ken ~ Canada

March 2005

My family, wife, two daughters and husbands and two grandchildren spent a wonderful two weeks at Club Maeva (Mar 3-17) My sister in law with her daughter and two grandchildren joined us on March 10. I had done a lot of homework from various internet sights so was well aware of the lengthy ride to the resort from the airport. No problem, we had an enjoyable ride and were treated royally upon arrival.

Checkin was quick and easy.We were in the B building and our room was quite adequate. Yes, the beds were on the hard side but we slept very well and the room was extremely clean and lots of hot water in the large shower.

The entire resort was very clean and well kept and our requests were promptly tended to. We tipped the young lad at the Palapa beach bar as he kept the premises and the washrooms very clean at all times. The young man that did our room up was very friendly and always did a great job. He too was rewarded.

The beach has to be one of the best I have ever been on in Mexico including those in Cuba, Dominican Republic and Jamaica. We ate all our lunches at the beach bar enjoying the sun, surf and well kept grounds.

It was a very enjoyable two weeks and none of us wanted to return home. The only criticism I have is with the main restaurant. No. not the food, I and many others I spoke to would like to see two sittings for dinner as lineups at the various stations can be extremely long.

The Club Maeva Tulum is well worth the expense and I would highly recommend the resort to anyone that enjoys good food and a relaxing vacation. I (we) would definitely return to this semi-paradise.

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Club Maeva Tulum – Tulum Stacey

March 2005

My husband and I recently returned from our vacation to Club Maeva (March 5-12). We had a wonderful time. The weather was perfect the whole time we were there (around 80-85 degrees Fahrenheit every day). The temp usually drops to the low 60s in the evening, but since we’re from northern Minnesota, we still found that warm! All the reviews of the beach are right on–it’s beautiful! There can be stingrays near the shore line, so we were told to stamp our feet while wading in (apparently stingrays are skittish). If you like snorkeling, I’d recommend bringing your own equipment. We saw quite a few colorful fish in the reefs just off the beach. Food was good, and there was lots of variety (different theme every night). We never made it to the a la carte restaurant because you had to line up by 6:30 a.m. No thanks. I know someone who did that and still didn’t get a place because some people were signing up parties of ten or more. Beer drinkers will be happy to know that they have Corona on tap and you can serve yourself. I prefer the mixed drinks. Unfortunately there wasn’t always consistency in preparing them. I love banana daiquiris, but they didn’t always taste like they were supposed to. A lot of people brought large thermal mugs for drinks–great idea! We found the staff to be very friendly. Even though it’s an all-inclusive resort, we brought along some money for tips. Staff members are very appreciative of tips. The grounds (and the rooms) were kept nice and clean. There is a spa area just off of the pool where you can sit on the sauna or get massages ($50 for one hour). I had Marta for my massage. She gave the best massage I’ve ever had in my life!! I’d definitely recommend getting one; however, you can only pay with cash or traveler’s checks (no credit cards). My husband has been to quite a few resorts in Mexico, and he thought Club Maeva was the best one yet. We hope to go back and bring our two boys (ages 4 & 6) with us.

Word of caution: There were some thefts in the B building (Bonam Pak) on the second and third floor while we were there. One fellow from Canada had his jacket and shoes stolen. My husband and I were in the C building (Coba), and we didn’t have any problems. However, our maid did leave our balcony door unlocked–twice! We brought that to the attention of the front desk because that is a security risk. I would recommend leaving all valuables in your safe (and keep your safe key with you at all times). My husband’s swim suit has a zippered pocket, so that worked perfectly for the safe and room keys. If you have any valuable clothes or shoes, I’d suggest leaving them in a locked suitcase.

Excursions: I would highly recommend going to Xel Ha. It was the highlight of our trip! We took a collectivo there (cost us $4 U.S. each total). It was really simple. We just walked out to the highway and crossed over. We only waited about three minutes before a white van came along. The collectivo driver will flash the lights at you. All you have to do is wave them over. They do tend to pack people in, but it was only about a 10-minute ride to Xel Ha, so we didn’t mind. They drop you off beside the highway, so we had to walk into Xel Ha (only took us about five minutes to walk). We bought the basic package ($29 U.S. each). Even with lunch, our entire trip cost us only $79. If we’d booked the tour with our rep, it would have cost us $83 each! We did, however, book the tour to Chichen Itza ($77 each). That was well worth the price as our guide, Victor, was excellent. If you’re scared of heights, I don’t recommend climbing up the pyramid. It is incredibly steep. We were told that this is the last year that they’ll let people climb it, so if you’ve been wanting to go, now’s the time.

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Club Maeva Tulum – Tulum Louise ~ Canada

February 2005

Wonderful resort, clean, smiling personel… This is our 7th trip to these kind of resorts, and this one would be rated No. 1.

Turquoise water, almost no waves. The front part of our hotel was very nice, not dirty at all. Wide beach, enough chairs for everybody. Came on the beach at 9h30 am and still chairs available. We walked on the beach and we were at the best hotel.

Different themes every night, excellent choices. We specially appreciated the breakfasts. The restaurant has large windows, very nice. Employees very polite and smiling, everything was extra clean. We went to the Palapa’s (need to reserve), it was good, but we did not feel like going more than once. The buffet was excellent. They were doing all kind of nice deserts like ‘’crêpe flambée’’, delicious.

We found the room more than OK. We have read some comments and we do not agree. The shower was very large and clean. A lot of closets for your clothes. A hamac on the balcony is a great idea. No noise, we slept very well.

We went to the show only once, and they were doing some sketches. Funny but after a while, you get tired of it. Every morning there was salsa lessons and in the afternoon, they were playing basketball & volleyball. We also had a cooking lesson on the beach. They showed us how to do Guacamole and we had Corona’s.

The only complaint I would have is that the Maeva Entertainment team never translated in French even though at least one of the member was a guy from Montreal. Also, you are landing in Cancun, which is about 1 hour from the resort, but the thing you do not know is that you stop at 4 hotels on the way and you are the last stop. Therefore, you are 2 hours in the bus.

Definitely a 4 ½ *.

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Club Maeva Tulum – Tulum Jodi and Dan Wegge ~ Minnesota

February 2005

My husband and I just returned from Club Maeva on Sunday. We spent one week (Feb. 12-19 2005) and wish we could have stayed two. We absolutely loved this resort. We definitely got our monies worth.

I have nothing to complain about at all. I was a travel consultant for 15 years and have done quit abit of traveling around the world and this was the nicest resort and most beautiful beach for the money I have ever seen.

I felt safe, comfortable and was able to relax! (Which both my husband and I needed.)

The trip from Cancun to the resort went smooth, it took a while longer than I had expected but the van was air conditioned and driver was fun. Check in went very smooth.

We stayed in Coba, it was set a ways away from the main building but nice.

Rooms were comfortable and YES the beds were hard but I slept great every night. We had a ground floor and never had any trouble with break-ins etc…I loved the hammock on our patio!

When I said we got our monies worth I meant it. The food was abundant and so were the drinks. I had read that the drinks weren’t strong enough and watched as the bartenders opened new bottles, they had not been watered down!! If you wanted more booze in them all you had to do was ask.

The staff was very polite and curteous.

The grounds were immaculate!!! The pool gorgous! The resort is located in a great area. We took the local transportation many times–Collectiva (White Van) Catch it out at the main road!!

We went to Cozumel for a two tank dive!! Wonderful. We went throught Staff Divers (Padi certified) I would recommend this resort to all ages and families, but maybe not to spring breakers!!

Also be sure to bring an insulated mug for your drinks as the cervezas got warm fast in the regular glasses. We are for sure going back again and this time we will bring our 4 children who are 9 and triplets that are 6. I feel that comfortable about this place and know that they would have a blast. Remember, the price is right!

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Club Maeva Tulum – Tulum Deb & Bran ~ Canada

February 2005

My fiance and I were at Club Maeva at the end of January and had an amazing time. We have traveled quite abit and this was by far one of the nicest resorts we have stayed at. The food was nothing to complain about, you would have to be really picky to not like it. The resort was very clean and the staff was great. We would give Club Maeva a 5* we really had a good time. The beach was so beautiful. During our stay we notice the set up on the pier for a wedding that was taking place that day and thought wow what a great idea. My fiance and I are currently planning our wedding at Club Maeva for next year 2006 but we have not seen any reviews from people that did get married there. If anyone has any reviews please email us at we would love to hear about your experince and if you recommed it or if there is anything you suggest we should ask for!! Overall Club Maeva was a great time, not too busy of a place but lots to do.

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Club Maeva Tulum – Tulum Keith

February 2005

We stayed for a week in January and there are a few things that people don’t say in their reviews that we had a problem with. First a little about me, I am 40 and have been to 7 all inclusives including 2 the Barcelo Maya and the Oasis within ten miles of this one. I would rather get up early then stay up till 2 parting and what I say reflects that.

Check in was Quick and easy and we stayed in the Akumal section, which people said was empty the week before and could be the reason are room had a musty smell. Thanks to the reviews we read we had brought air freshener. We had to run the water for at least ten minutes to get luke warm water for the first 4 days then we had no problem after that. The fridge was stocked every day and was great. They still say they have internet access on there web site and they have not had it for over three months, it is now the photography store.

The restaurants were the buffet, which had good food, had a different theme each night with basically the same food. It didn’t open until 7:30 with people lining up to go up stairs and eat, so if you went up right away you stood in long lines and they ran out of things making you wait for them to get more done. We then started going up after 8 and it was a lot better. Tables were all for 10, which we did not mind but sometimes it was hard to find a table until they opened another section. The Palapa restaurant you had to make reservations the day before and were only for 35 people. If you were not there by 6 am waiting to sign up you might not get in. The Wednesday night had the best menu and the first 6 people in line signed up all 35 spots, while the front desk said you could only sign up 2 people that was not true. We were able too go on Monday and the service and food were great but what a waist that only such a few were able to go to something other than the buffet. The beach buffet was great with burgers, porkchops and a fish or chicken everyday. The pizza place had good pizza, but you could not get what you wanted just what was made with everything having onions and peppers on it. I would say the food was very good just later then what I expected and with basically just the buffet. Every other place I have went dinner started at 6 with the other restaurants having a seating at 6 and at 8 to accommodate more people and not having a rush when they open.

The bar by the beach was great, with good service and they had a beer tapper on the side so you could serve yourself. The bar by the tennis courts was not really a bar, the four times we went it was not manned but they did have juice and water in a cooler. The lobby bar was good with quick service and great bartenders but after 5 it is the only bar open.

The activities were fun with volleyball, water polo, basketball, ping pong and shuffleboard. You could also buy golf balls $3 and hit on a small driving range about 130 yds. I am a diver and went on a Cenote dive and it was a great time with the prices better then what was in town. There is also a small reef to the right of the pier to snorkel on with lots of fish. You can rent a snorkel and mask at the dive shop for $7 . The beach was great with a long stretch to the left of the hotel and a rocky trail to the right with not much to see but jungle. The nightly shows were all right with a different show each night. The only problem we had is they didn’t start till 9:30 and were normally late starting. We went to the show on the beach which was suppose to start at 9:30 we left at 10:15 and it hadn’t started yet.

I would not rate this resort above a three, while the beach is great you really only have a buffet for dinner unless your lucky, the shows are late and after 5 the lobby is the only bar open. You can find a better resort for the same amount of money.

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Club Maeva Tulum – Tulum Mark ~ Edmonton,Canada

February 2005

My wife,myself and 11 other people(couples)just returned from two weeks at Club Maeva Tulum.The weather at this time of year was simply fantastic.There were no red flag days on the beach any time we were there.Mainly sunny and very little wind was exactly what we all hoped for.We all ranged in age from 20 to 41 years old.

Arrival:The drive to the resort from the airport was about 1 hour.It is true that the entrance sign at the road is a little small and unspectaculer,but it does not reflect in any way the property that is just beyond.Check in was quick and we got a cocktail as soon as we stepped off the bus.

Rooms:There are 3 buildings:A,B,and C.A building is being renovated on the bottom floor of one side.If you would like quiet at night,I would stay in the Coba building.If you do not mind hearing the disco until sometimes 2 a.m. , then the Bonampak is fine.The rooms are good enough for what you need;sleep,shower and change.I would e-mail the hotel and request a room on the top floor as I heard "stories" of break in’s and thefts on the ground floors.

Food:Wide selection and very tasty;not enough seafood.Went in to playa del carmen for that.

Booze:Good variety and flavours;they will make the drinks stronger as they get to know you.

Beach:We have been to mexico 3 times and punta cana once and this is the best we’ve seen yet.Staff and service are excellent.This is a true 4 star resort.If you really need a "5" star resort where the food and beach are no better,then you must pay the extra cash.Save your money and enjoy!

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Club Maeva Tulum – Tulum Judy

February 2005

We recently returned from a one-week vacation (Jan 10-17) at Club Maeva Tulum.

The resort was nice, grounds & pool area well kept. The beach was very nice, clean with soft white sand. (They don’t use straws at the beach bar, which helps to keep the beach clean).

The turquoise water was gorgeous. Our first few days were quite windy, so the ocean water was a bit choppy (but not as wavy as further up the beach at the Copacabana). But once the wind died down, the water was beautiful, calm and clear like a pool. We enjoyed some snorkeling (off to the other side of the pier was the best).

The rooms were okay. The shower was very large, the best I’ve ever seen for a resort. The beds were a bit hard at first, but I guess we got used to it. The food was quite good, better than what I expected. My only complaint about this resort is that 1) dinner does not start until 7:30 pm, which I find a bit late (6:00-6:30 start would have been better). 2) food was not always available (nothing available between breakfast, lunch and dinner – lunch and dinner being 2 ½ hours apart).

It also would have been nice if they would have served ice cream.

As the previous reviews mention, we did see the many friendly resident cats, two raccoons, and on at least three occasions, the coatimundies. Seeing the coatimundies were a really thrill for my kids (and me), something we’ve never seen despite previously visiting the Mayan Riveria 3 times.

I’d definitely go back to this resort, only next time I’d go for 2 weeks!

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Club Maeva Tulum – Tulum Sandra ~ Canada

February 2005

Just returned from a two week stay at Club Maeva Tulum. It was our first trip ever to Mexico and we were very impressed with this resort. It was laid out beautifully, with possibly the best beach on the riviera maya (as we . It was a nice combination of palms, tropical birds chirping away, palapas, fine white sand, and turquoise water that made you feel you were truly in paradise…and the beach bar only yards away. We snorkeled a lot right at the resort.. plenty of tropical fish to see, as well as took part in the 1/2 day snorkeling excursion to Akumal bay offered by Tank ha right at the resort..This was awesome! Got to see turtle feeding, the most beautiful coral reef with so many tropical fish, stingrays. The beach and the resort was immaculate. The employees worked very hard at keeping the resort clean all the time, whether sweeping, wiping, pruning trees, etc. As per other reviews, this resort could use some maintenance and updating as we noticed little things like old clay tile loosening, splitting/chunking up and not being replaced in the walkways..older fixtures in the rooms…older beds that were hard, but oh well…however, this wasn’t really an issue. And at night, the resort was absolutely stunningly lit up..candles everywhere..the hammocks on the balcony were a nice touch..One thing to note, telephone lines in Mexico, if you can access one, have terrible reception. It’s like talking on a two way radio. We wasted our money on a long distance card as we barely got a line out of our room and the hotel charged us for each attempt..The best way to communicate to home would be the internet. Unfortunately this resort doesn’t have a connection but we travelled a lot to Tulum, Playa del Carmen,and Cozumel where internet cafes abound..and communicated with our loved ones that way. Tons to do in this area of Mexico, so I don’t know if we’d do two weeks all inclusive again as we were away 1/2 the time riding the collectivos on the highway (cheapest way to travel to all the sites of the riviera) between all the communities and getting to know the culture of the area. One week at an all inclusive would have been fine and then another week flying by the seat of our pants would have been the way to go for us. But that’s us. Other’s were there for strictly R&R and this resort was the ticket for them. The only formal excursion we went on was to Chichen Itza ($156 U.S. for two)..which was stunning. It was well worth the 12 hour bus event which included a trip to a huge cenote and a lunch buffet. However, we took the collectivo to Xel-Ha (awesome! and only $2 on the collectivo and $56 per person all inclusive), the Tulum Ruins (only $5 to get in and $2 bus ride). You can do the excursions very cheaply if you use collectivos as your travel mode. This resort and awesome location of it provided great value for your money. You won’t be disappointed at this resort and we’d go back again in a heartbeat. I give it 4 stars.

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Club Maeva Tulum – Tulum Christine ~ Wisconsin

February 2005

Its taken me a month to post this review, sorry! Myself and my boyfriend were there from Dec 8 thru the 12th, and it was WONDERFUL. I have stayed at (and paid much, much more!!!) 6-"golden apple" resorts, and while, yes, there’s some differences, let me tell you, it sure wasn’t worth the huge extra cost! I live in Wisconsin, first off, the warm tropical beauty of the white sand beaches, palm trees, beautiful flowers, well, wow. Our room was a little smaller than other hotels I’ve stayed at-so what? How much time do you spend in your hotel room anyway while on a tropical vacation? The biggest difference I’d say between this resort and the super EXPENSIVE "luxury" ones is: 1) the entrance to the resort is low key, not the "Oh, wow" first impression you get from some of the fancy ones, 2) Instead of having 5 different restaurants to choose from, you have two, a fabulous buffet, and The Palapa, a beach restaurant that overlooks the ocean (what a view!) Food was very, very good, and varied. You’ve got to try one of the delicious pizzas baked for you right on the beach (directly next to The Palapa). On Monday, Wednesday, Friday nights (you sign up the morning before, because its limited seating) They close the Palapa and host a reservation only elegant gourmet meal, that is served with the ocean right outside, soft twinkle lights, romantic, elegant, and sooooo good! It was a wonderful experience, and an evening I won’t soon forget! Try to attend even one of these!!

At night, after lying in the beach, or swimming in the ocean all day, many people shower and dress up nice with sundresses, nice shorts and shirt,etc. Let me tell you, if you have the tiniest desire for romance, enjoy a cocktail under a palm tree decorated with the little twinkle lights, and take in these beautiful surroundings with that special someone, or take a walk on the beach under the moon. They have evening shows, or a live band on the beach some nights. There are cats that wander around the property here and there, obviously they are the "retired millionaires" on vacation, and a family of racoons that sit by the little bridges waiting to beg for food. There are also "coatamundi" – these are strange little animals that somewhat resemble a raccoon, but larger, with a longer snout, and a long tail. They also are agreeable to handouts. none of these creatures bother you one bit, but just are an interesting part of the property. Before I left for our trip I kept reading about how hard some of the beds were, one person even described them as "concrete with sheets covering them"! I was worried about what to expect, but while the bed was firm, it sure wasn’t like that! Rooms: clean, small, a tiny toilet room, shower only (no bath) Property: beautiful Beach: wow, oh, wow. Let me tell you, if you have stress in your life, the perfect remedy is to go lie under one of those thatch topped umbrellas with a cold yummy tropical drink, and bask in the warmth, and the view of the ocean. Food: delicious, tons of it, let me tell you, you are probably a VERY picky eater if you can’t find plenty of yummy things to choose from. Staff: Friendly, helpful, and very good at what they do. Will I go back? ABSOLUTELY. If you are Donald Trump, and need to have only the top of the line in everything, go to the 6 Star resorts. If you want to go to a beautiful resort, relax, and get wonderful value for your hard earned dollar, go to Club Maeva Tulum!

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