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Club Med Cancun   ~  Reviews Posted – 7
Club Med Cancun Susan — Vancouver, BC

December 2004

My husband and I have just returned from Club Med Cancun-Dec 03-10th 2004. I celebrated my 60th birthday while there .. the Age diversity amazed me .18 to 80.. from all over the world but a large percentage the week we were there were European. The last time I was at this club in 1992 the majority were American.. People need to know that the demographcs can change by the week. We had a large room immaculately clean in Mi Favorita-5123. We had taken some pennies (remembering your tip) in case there were ants, but there were none.

The food was above average for a buffet and in some cases outstanding. The public areas were clean and well maintained.

The shows ranged from excellent-the Mexican folkloric ballet did a professional dance show one night –to corny the guest show.

There is a wide range of activites from sedate to very active. The snorkeling is good, but you have top be careful as there is a lot of rock near the shore and it is easy to cut your feet trying to get in or out of the water.

The bar service was a little slow at times , but they served premium drinks and they were not watered down. The Margarita’s are a bit weak , but there is a reason for that.. people drink them like pop !

Albert, the crocodile amuses people with his swim in the lagoon and can be seen from the pool area—however there is a 4 ft high concrete wall separating him from the guests. If he decides to come to close the staff jump in a power boat and scare him away.. they hate the sound of the power boats. There is no danger to humans.

The Club has done an excellent job of renovating .All the rooms now have CD Players, TV, Fridges and Hair Dryers.

The Beach has had a lot of damage from Hurricanes but it is still better than most of the strip. The best thing is that you are away from the maddening crowd in Cancun, but can hop on a bus and be in the heart of town in 40 minutes.

It was a heavenly vacation. We give the Club 9 out of 10.. they would get 10 if they had a 2nd pool for people who don’t want to listen to music and water polo noises through the day.

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January 2004

Went to Club Med, Cancun, Don’t go there! Arrived on Thursday left on Friday! We were supposed to stay for 5 days, No Thanks! Reception was rude. The A/C didn’t work and there were ants everywhere. Had to wait 3 hours til management got out of their meeting to get our room switched. The manager was always unavailable! The food was tasteless and cold. They are waterskiing again and I saw the huge alligator basking on the shore in the lagoon. We got stiffed by Best Day tours on our transfers do we had to pay somebody else! They will not refund our money for the unused portion but will give us a travel voucher…NO THANKS!!!

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August 2003

We stayed at Club Med Cancun for our honeymoon in the first part of August 2003. The village was alright, though they made their fair share of mistakes. Since they knew we were honeymooners, we were suprised to get two single beds instead of a queen or a king. It didn’t help that there were always ants in our room, either. We were also somewhat bummed that they have killed off water skiing until further notice, due to some gator doing some muching on someone. What saved the place was it’s location. At the bottom of the hotel zone, it was surrounded by beaches and the best snorkeling around. It was a little far from everything else, but was still nice. If I had to do it again, I probably would have gone to the ritz carlton, which looked much nicer and admittedly cheaper than what we paid for. Lastly, as american, I found the club thoroughly european, with topeless beaches and people smoking everywhere….

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May 2003

I have been to 9 club meds in Feb. of 2002 I returned to club med Cancun for the second time w/my father.My Dad originally was telling people we met that we where old friends meeting together he thought it was cool. I was 29 at the time and it appeared to me and everyone else besides my father that we where GAY so I finally convinced him that it was cooler that we where father and son.It created lots of laughs.

We had an awesome time the G.O team outstanding they made our vacation, they where outgoing friendly and quite funny. The rooms where not great the air-conditioning had one mode high and the beds where quite uncomfortable, but that’s not why we go anyway, we go to meet new friends and the G.O teams, which this time around where one of the best teams I’ve seen.The only negative thing was that my wife had to work and could not come.The only two thing I would of like to change was every time we sat near Canadians that where from the French area of Canada at the dining area they would not say hello to us when we sat down I would always say hello so would my dad finally by the third day I actually called them a holes and left w/my dad to the table next to them.

We had such a good time that I took my wife back in June of 2002 they switched G.O teams and chiefs they for lack of a better term sucked pretty bad they where very into themselves did not socialize very often with the guests, very disappointing luckily we made friends w/a very friendly family a couple and there friends 8 of the twelve of us got bad dishes bad pains ??? who knows maybe water?? overall my wife enjoyed her 1st club med experience I had a great time as well I wish that my wife could of experienced better G.O team…

So we are going next week again to Cancun may 2003 we gave my father tickets as a present he thinks he is going by himself he doesn’t know we are going to be in the room next door yet… I’m hoping my wife has a better experience this time around it wasn’t that bad last time but it wasn’t great either The club med experience has always been good to me and my family it is not for the snooty person who wants a mint on there pillow Its for one who enjoys life to the fullest &enjoys being around fun people and is fun in general

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Club Med Cancun Terry and Sue — Superior, Colo.

April 2003

We stayed at Club Med, Cancun in April of 2002. The grounds are spacious and very nice. Club Med has the choice real estate on the island. The rooms are old and rather run down, small and in need of repair. Our room had poorly plastered over holes in the walls. The door had a gap under it that left the air conditioning ineffectual, especially if you are on the top floor where the sun shines all day long. The air conditioning has only one speed hi and cold, but it only managed warm air. Beach front rooms are very scarce, and all the other rooms, (lagoon views) face a nasty foul smelling, mosquito laden, stale piece of water. For those of us who like to sit on their balconies and read while their significant others take their time getting up, it was like sitting in an out house. We tried to upgrade to a beach front view and were told it would cost around 40.00 USD more per night, which we were prepared to pay, but you would have to be put on a waiting list which was a mile long. It seems everyone else was trying to upgrade at the same time. Go figure. The food was pretty average, and be prepared to get alot of pork, chicken, and overcooked fish. The only restaurant, La Palapa, is closed for evening dinners, we were told permenantly, and it started this policy the week we arrived. So that only left the main eatery to eat at. However, you can eat at La Palapa’s for lunch. We were looking for some shrimp, and perhaps some lobster some time during the week, but no luck. I am told that Playa Del Carmen resorts have shrimp and lobster frequently at their all inclusive venues. We stayed at a resort down the island four years ago and got shrimp every day. Further more, the buffet was open all day long, not at unpredictable specified times. Drink bracelets costing 170.00 USD for a week per person are necessary if you drink alot, otherwise, you have to pay alot for drinks. Other resorts we stayed at for all inclusive stays don’t have their customers do this. The mingling with other groups and people was excellent, and we met and talked with many other wonderful people with whom we currently share e-mails with. The beach is great and protected by the reef from nasty waves. However, the beach hawkers of fake silver and groups from other resorts are all present here, probably more so, since this end of the island has the only reef for snorkeling. My sincere advice to Club Med, Cancun, would be to perform a scrape off of all the rooms and get rid of the lagoon side views and make all of the rooms face the ocean. In addition, keep all the restaurants (La Palapa’s) open for dinner, or be prepared to give the customers a refund. One other piece of advice. When arriving at the airport, we were told that there was no shuttle to take customers to the Club Med resort, and that a cab costed 34.00 USD one way for two people. With tip, that cost us around 40.00 USD for a lousy ten mile trip. Please get a van for Club Med. This is cheazy. Also, to get to the bus, you had to walk a ways through the hotel down the strip just to get to the highway bus stop. Club Med is isolated. You can take a taxi from Club Med, but that is about it. The tour people were excellent and set up your tours very professionally. This worked out well for us. The daily programs were also excellent, and meeting other people was also excellent. We likely would only come back to this resort if the rooms were totally re-made and the other issues mentioned above were remedied. I hope this review isn’t too long, but I wanted to be very thorough and hope that Club Med, Cancun takes this review to heart. They have a gold mine here, and they are messing it up.

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Club Med Cancun Nicole Demers — Canada

March 2003

I just returned from Club Med Cancun this week and would have to say that it was one of my best vacations yet.

The people are great, the food is delicious and the rooms are larger than I expected not to mention very comfortable.

Club Med has come out with a new thing – All inclusive bracelets. These bracelets include everything including your drinks. If your planning on visiting Club Med this is the best way to go.

We met many people at Club Med – some who had been many times before. Everyone seemed to enjoy this resort very much.

I am looking forward in returning.

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Club Med Cancun Cynthia O’Connell Nova Scotia, Canada
November 2002

Cynthia O’Connell
Hotel Manager

I have stayed at resorts around the world and I would have to say that Club Med Cancun is very poor value for money. The Rooms are small, not very clean, and air conditioners only have one speed high cold.

The food was not very good, not a lot of varitey. Drinks are over priced espeically for Canadians!

Generally this resort is not in very good state of repair and should under renovations.

In comparsion to Breezes Runaway Bay which is a far better value for money, better food, nicer ..clean rooms, friendly helpful staff and beautiful beach. I would give Breezes Runaway Bay a 4.5 out of five stars.


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Last updated: December 18, 2004

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