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Hi:I’m planning to go to Club Med in either Guadeloupe ( Caravelle) or return to the Punta Cana property.Would be interested to know if anyone has a preference. Went to PC-DR a few years ago and quite enjoyed it . The resort was very clean, great beach, excellent pool for little kids and great food.but am interested in trying out the Caravelle Club Med Any words of wisdom would be appreciated.Also, wondering if the fact that CM has sold off so many properties due to poor finances is a concern for the remaining clubs.
Hi,I was at Club Med in Guadeloupe in Feb 2000. It was fabulous! I’d go back tomorrow. The beach is incredible, the food was to die for (I think I gained about 10 lbs!), and you can walk to the small village of Ste-Anne’s along the beach to sit in the market and enjoy wine or beer….so relaxing. you walk through a small fishing village on the way….Great staff, you can do as much or as little of the activities as you wish. Beautiful sunsets….It’s really worth going to! We loved it, and hope to return there someday.I haven’t been to DR, so can’t compare. While in Guadeloupe, felt a little like I was in France….Helps if you speak french a bit.Have a great trip!
I just saw these messages – here is a late reply.I’ve never been to either of the 2 Club Meds mentionned above, but here is what I’ve heard and read (we have been interested in trying one of them out). Apparently, the Club Med group is either closing Club Meds or renovating them – I don’t think that Punta Cana or Guadeloupe is on the list of those being closed.The Guadeloupe one is apparently more French, with good and bad implications. The good implication – the food is better than in other Club Meds (and it is already very good there!). However, if you don’t speak any French and don’t like being around people of different cultures/languages, you may not be happy in Guadeloupe.Too, from what I’ve heard Guadeloupe is a beautiful island, with generally more to see and do than in Punta Cana (but with some crime too – you need to be a bit careful if you start wandering around outside the resort). Write a trip report! (whichever one you choose)


Caravelle is a much more cosmopolitan atmosphere than DR. You will find more people from Europe and Quebec and much less English-speaking North Americans. The island is much less developed for tourism, so more natural, if that is your taste. The GO’s will be more French-speaking, whereas at the DR club there are many GO’s whose first language is English. I absolutely loved Caravelle; the beach is wonderful and the scuba diving and snorkelling would be much better than the DR, I believe. can’t comment on the family facilities.

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