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Has anyone been?? And if so what can you tell me, as we are booked to go in November at a great price…Is it a great beach ?? Hows the pool?? Any insight would be great thanks.

I’m really excited…the husband and I haven’t been away with out the kids in forever, so I’m really hoping that its as good as I am imagining.

We have been to Club Med Turks & Caicos 3 times (2006, 2005, 2004) – always the last week of October, first week of November. The beach is excellent; nice white sand, and you can walk a really long way in one direction. The pool is not huge or fancy but it’s got both shallow and deeper water, not baby wading depth like some. The snorkelling and scuba diving are incomparable. Get yourself signed up for the snorkelling boat as soon as you can – they go to different sites so you can go more than once and see new places. Last time, we had a mother and baby dolphin swimming along side of the boat with us – much lovelier than swim-with-the captive-dolphins. The buffet restaurant is great – start eating chocolate bread as soon as you arrive and don’t stop until they roll you out to the bus, it’s awesome. The reservation restaurant was fine but we had a lot more fun meeting our new friends in the buffet. Talk to as many GO’s (staff) as you can and get involved in everything that interests you; you will have more fun if the staff know your face. There is a tiny little restaurant on the beach with about 3 tables with umbrellas just off the property to the right as you face the ocean, just past the diving pier. Nice place to sit for a beer! Nothing noteworthy to do on the island, but if you can get Joe the Taxi Driver to pick you up and give you a tour, he’s really interesting. Cost us about $25 for about 90 minutes. There’s a very nice fancy restaurant at the resort 2 doors down – can’t remember it’s name. And about 5 minutes toward town there’s a great local restaurant called Caicos Cafe, I think. Bring bug spray, though – lots of mosquitos once you are off the property at night. One of my very favourite resorts! Have a great time!

Thanks for the reply, read it out loud to my husband and we can’t wait to get there and start enjoying.

interesting enough I just found club med to be advertised locally here, although I cant find a deal yet, it is definitely some where I am interested in going diving.What kind of prices have people paid in the past? If your willing to divulge that is.Thanks,


wossa Guest Hi FloritaThis sounds a wonderful experience you had…….so awesome to be able to witness wild dolphins in their own natural environment…….your so right in saying that its lovelier then seeing them in captivity……totally different.

Wossa……. ;D

Turks & Caicos has a famous local dolphin called Joey (I think) who likes to hang out in Grace Bay, where Club Med & Breezes resorts are located. The story goes that he was washed up on the beach during a tropical storm and the locals rescued him and threw him back into the water. He was separated from his family and has developed an affinity for the tourists. The woman who was the snorkelling boat supervisor at Club Med last year told me that Joey likes blondes and when she takes groups out (she’s blonde), Joey likes to come up and nibble on her hair. He will often wait for the boat to leave the dock, follow it out and visit with the tourists. It is strictly forbidden to bring food into the water with Club Med activities, so that’s not the motivation.

Deputy, we managed to get into Club Med for a special they were running starting 7/7/07 the land price was $777, the flight is what is killing us. The total for our trip was under $3500 for one week. The fun part is that from Toronto it should be about 3-3.5 hour flight, but cause we are not flying direct, its going to take us about 9 in total to get there. Toronto to South Carolina to Provo. However I am not complaining as I can’t wait to get there and enjoy the beach!!

That isn’t a bad price, much cheapier than what I have seen. That really peaks my interest. I guess I will have to keep an eye out ;D How many stops do you have before you get there?I think the flights out I seen you only had one connecting…that isnt so bad, but more than that is a drag.


We have only the one stop over, so not too bad. My husband has never done a stop over so something new for him, we’ll see if he enjoys it. I have seen non stop from here, however the cost of the flights is pretty much what we spent on the whole holiday. Just really looking forward to getting away without the kids this time :).

I forgot to mention, I looked on the club med web site for holidays, then I called local travel place (actually three) and got one of them to slightly better the price I had been quoted by Club Med. Saved about another $150 off the total. Better in my spending money.

Hey not bad!! Are you a diver? If so do you plan on doing any diving? Even if your not I cant wait to hear about your trip and hopefully see some pictures!Any and all information you can provide about your holiday would be greatly appreciated once you return! ;DNot too long to go and you will be on the beach!

Deputy ;D

Not a diver yet…really want to be some day, however plan to do some snorkling while there. I will definately do a review when we return and fill you in.

Air Canada flies direct to Provo starting November. But if you are stopping over in Charlotte there is a great restaurant for crab cakes. Can’t remember what it’s called, but ask anybody who works there and they will know what you’re talking about.

Unfortunately when we book there was no direct flight….so yup Charlotte it is for about 5 hours, thanks for the tip on the crab cakes will definately have to look into that one to pass the hours.
Alrighty….were back The weather there is spectacular, the beach, water, everything. One of the nicest places I have been. Will write a review shortly.
Hi Missme, sounds like you enjoyed T&C. Of all the places I’ve travelled, Grace Bay Beach is my favourite. I was fortunate in that the two times I’ve been there, I’ve had direct flights from Toronto. I’m not sure I could handle that stopover.

Can’t wait to read your review.

Geez, might have to book another trip! Now I’m yearning for that gorgeous turqouise water and fabulous beach. Did you go to any of the local restaurants?

What are the rooms like here? Looking for something nice if ya know what I mean!?!I want beach, beer and sun…and diving…


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