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The hotel location is the best thing going for it. Situated right on a fantastic beach and no street to cross to get to it. It is also located near the airport which is great if you are finishing your trip in Varadero. The hotel pool and the grounds and everything look great as well. Our issues were SOME of the staff and the FOOD. The pool was pretty to look at, but not very clean. Some of the staff wouldn’t smile or do anything good for you, unless you showed some cash first. Well, I believe in tipping after the service has been rendered because then I am tipping someone who deserves it. Our biggest complaint were the bartenders. The drinks were horrible. It was all inclusive and we didn’t even really have many drinks here. We were happier to go out on the town and pay 2 CUC’s for a real drink. The bartenders used powered lemon and powered orange and powered lime has their mixes. They didn’t have MOJITOS (this is Cuba right?, how can you NOT HAVE MOJITOS???) and the beer was always draft, never a can or bottle. They used the cheapest paint thinner Mulata Rum that you can buy in Cuba for all their drinks too. My wife ordered a Pina Colada and they didn’t even put RUM in it!!!! She tasted it and it was just frothy cream with a little cinammon. Gross. She asked for Rum and some PINA liquor and they knew they were busted. After that, we never had another drink at the hotel. Who cares about all inclusive. Go and buy some real drinks elsewhere and have a better experience.

FOOD- Totally disgusting. We ended up eating out too. I should have taken pictures of the breakfast line. It made us want to vomit. ANd the best part, most tourists were simply eating fruit and toast for breakfast, some had omeletes if the omelet guy decided to show up or not. The breakfast display made you want to gag. Flies everywhere in the restaurant too. The only good thing was some of the staff in there. They smiled and tried their hardest, but the food was best left for dogs.

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