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I stayed here for a few nights with my girlfriend and it was amazing, we had the best days of our lives at this resort, thanks to the staff and management and animation team for putting together a wonderful holiday that we won’t forget in a long while. When we visited this hotel or rather prior to visiting this hotel, we lowered our expectations considering it is not our first time in Cuba and we have had some very bad experiences with both Casa and hotels so we were not expecting anything much from here but we were surprised by how good they were. The staff was exceptional in serving the clients and guests, they wore smiles every time and looked eager to help out whenever you got close to them, it was a good feeling. The rooms were really nice, ours was really nice and clean and was cleaned daily, towels changed and replaced often. The rooms had comfortable beds and didn’t have bugs like we have experienced in the past with other hotels. The place is not luxurious and if you are looking for luxury, this is not the place for you, if you are looking for a reasonably priced place where you will get good services and goof food and great customer service, here is the place for you. The location is just perfect because it is located right in the middle of the city and it looks small from the outside but the place is really efficient when it comes to giving customer service.

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