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Arrival: Feb 6th to 20th 2009 Arrival was awesome. The flight was great and there is nothing better than feeling the heat and smelling the smells when you are landing in the D.R. We picked up our bags, walked outside, hopped on a bus right away and were whisked away to our hotel. Apon Arrival at the resort we were handed drinks and waited for our keys. They gave us stickers to put on our bags and we were free to go, the bags would be delivered shortly, and they were…..30 minutes TOPS!


Rooms were great. What do you really need in a room when you are on a hot holiday? if you are looking for jacuzzi’s and butlers you are in the wrong place. The rooms were clean, big enough and cold….what more can you ask for? The rooms have a fridge and mini bar that were stocked every second day, or every day if you ask them and leave a little tip. I never thought we would drink very much in the room, but while people were getting ready for dinner, it was nice to have access to cold pepsi, 7-up and beer along with a 4 bottle liquor dispenser for drinks while playing cards out on the patio. The bed was fine, it was two beds pushed together. I have read a ton of reviews about people complaining about this…..why? Use one bed to store stuff on and sleep in the other. You are on vacation, get close and cuddle a little! and if this is not what you are wanting or you are going with your family, then there ya go, you have 2 beds.

ADVICE: The only thing i can say about the rooms is, if you like fatter pillows, you may need to bring one, or request for more, as the pillows are a little flat. The other thing is, the resort does not use Fitted sheets, so if you want a sheet that will FORSURE not move around under you, you may want to bring one. For us, we don’t care, but i mean…..hey, I gotta let you know what we noticed right?

Restaurants and Bars:

AWESOME. The food was unreal. I eat EVERYTHING and my wife is kind of picky. There was not any days or nights that went by that we were hungry. There is a TON of selection and the staff are amazing. Breakfast you can have fresh smoothies and omellets, and tons of other stuff. Ham and cheese sandwiches at the bar at 4:00 am is always nice too. There are ALWAYS snacks and stuff to eat from nacho’s and hot dogs, to chicken and beef.

BARS: Well….this was probably the most frequently visited piece of the hotel by us. We travelled with a group of 42, so we spent alot of time at the bars. FORSURE go to the swim up bar and talk to Wilkins….he is awesome and will always help you out with drinks.

The main bar was unreal as well, great staff and great drinks. They are always willing to give you whatever you want. We started a 40 person flippy cup game just outside the bar and needed alot of beer for it. They actually filled up our 4 litre water jugs with beer for us. We needed almost 3 – 4 a round and every time we finished we just took them back up and they filled them again……UNREAL. Have one day and start at the top of the menu and go to the bottom, I can guarantee that what you remember of the night will be a good time.


BEACH: I do not have enough time nor space in this review to describe to you how amazing the beach is. This is honestly the nicest beach i have ever seen in my life. Sand is amazing, water is amazing, everything is amazing. Never had any trouble finding seats. There is Volleyball, soccer, boogie boards, you name it.

POOLS: Great! the swim up bar saw alot of us as well. Of course go here to visit Wilkins. The other pools were great as well. We spent alot of time around the round pool in the middle.

Grounds: IMACULATE! They were spotless, there were always staff cleaning, trimming, cutting, painting, whatever. They are working NONSTOP here and it shows. The resort was beautiful.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:

SCUBA: I did 4 dives, and they were great….I would strongly recomend them to anyone. Scuba Caribe will help you out and they are located right on the resort. The staff are great and always willing to help out.

Catalina Island: All 42 of us went on the Catalina Island excursion, and I HIGHLY RECCOMEND IT. It was unreal. It was actually so much fun, that we are planning on going on it both weeks we are there on our next trip.

Other Comments:

Before we went on this trip we had read alot of reviews and did not really know what to expect. Quite honestly, don’t believe anything you read until you can experience it for yourself. The Staff at this hotel work harder than anybody i have ever seen. The animacion are up first thing and still going hard at night time. TIP THEM! They deserve it. I probably missed alot in this review, but i wanted to give this hotel the credit it deserves. We enjoyed ourselves so much that we have 16 confirmed and paid for our trip next February…..


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