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Roaches in food, roaches in the room! In two weeks we did not have a hot meal once, even at first seating.The food quality is poor, and left overs are served daily, we were faced with carrots and chicken kabobs reheated for breakfast one morning. The same menu day in and out Mystery meat, bologna, fried cabbage, Instant mashed potatoes, canned vegetables, and canned cheese sauce, left cold for the nachos are standard fare at the Riu.I have had fresher, better quality food at my local shopping mall. Basic cleanliness from the staff is lacking. I witnessed entertainment staff spitting in the childcare’s play area, dining and bar staff spitting on sidewalks throughout the resort[ god knows where else] and the staff , including the cooks do not routinely wash their hands after visiting the restroom!I watched other guests taste food in the buffet line, with the serving spoons, use their hands to sort through sandwiches, dish out french fries, and other disgusting displays. This also seems acceptable practice at Riu Bambu, as the staff who witnessed this[ yes even the cook carving the meat for the person using their hands to dish out the vegetables] did not stop the guest, or remove the food. The roaches were flicked out of food, and the food left in place! The beach is one of the dirtier, littered with butts, garbage, and cups. The ground staff was busy selling coconuts on the beach, they appeared not to have time to clean, or remove the one to two feet of sand blocking 40-60 feet of the walkways. The children’s club has no scheduled activities and was rarely opened,the entertainment no better than elementary school children, and the bar and staff dodgy. Even when I asked by name for a name brand vodka I was given bar brand. You have to watch them pour in front of you, the RIU staff have a practice of turning their backs and blocking you from viewing the bottle. If you are a non smoker like me, you may as well resign your self to your room in the evening or rainy days. Their is no where to sit, including the sports bar, that does not allow smoking. Unfortunately we spent both Christmas eve and New year’s Eve at this resort. The food was basic, the wine horrible, and they did not ask guests to adhere to dress code. Flip flops, shorts and bathing suits were worn in the dining room for these special occasions. The only decorations were dime store balloons taped to lights and the walls. Never again will I stay at a Riu resort. I will go back to Dreams, the Barcelo resort, Melia, or the Bahia. These five star resorts give you the quality, cleanliness, and service you pay for.If you want 2.5 star service, quality, and cleanliness, but want to pay for 5 star, then Riu Bambu is th resort for you!

Room Block:

slow check in, we were one of only two check ins. No maps available, staff barely spoke English.

Old, dated, small. could not open bathroom door more tan 1.5 feet, as toilet was directly behind the door. No floor mats outside or inside the rooms, so sand a problem. Mattresses have seen better days, and need to be retired. only bedding available was a sheet, and a thin bed cover. had to ask for blankets, which unfortunately, the maid kept removing every day?!

Restaurants and Bars:
Skip the a la cartes. Asian is a buffet, with fried chicken, the tempura vegetables are deep fried in the same batter they use everywhere, the vegetables are overcooked, and everything is fried. The steakhouse is terrible. We had a six ounce steak that was four ounces of fat, fried, not grilled. I have had fresher and better pasta at the Olive garden, as opposed to the Italian. The main dining rooms serve the same food every day. Lots of left overs, cold food, poor quality. I didn’t pay 5 star prices to eat bologna,no variety, no spice or flavor, everything is fried. Cheese was often warm and melted in the buffet, tomatoes and cucumbers frozen.

Two very small pools, overcrowded. Children’s pool small, and very dirty.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
entertainment poor. Unable to sit in sport’s Bar, as full of smoke. Entertainment during the day childish, and sometimes inappropriate for children. Kid’s club virtually non existent. rarely opened, no activities. Lots of kids on the resort, parents not leaving them at the kid’s club, very telling to safety and quality.

Other Comments:
2.5 quality, at a five star price. RIU Management and staff could use a few lessons in basic food handling, hand washing, and customer service. Only seem to do their job when handed money [tips] daily.

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