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Coco Cabanas Beach Club  

Playa Magante, La Yagua, Gaspar Hernandez, Dominican Republic

"not well taken care of and rundown"
Posted by: perry on Aug 18, 2014
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It is a rundown hotel that is not well taken care of but it has a nice location which was why I didn’t fret so much about leaving but still didn’t stay up to the number of days I wanted. The price of this hotel is unbeatable but it may not be convenient for you, it is not fancy at all. It is a budget hotel but still on the low side because when I saw the rooms, I knew that I have had better rooms in cheap hotels than this. The mattress was so filthy, it was as though people haven’t been around the hotel for some time and I can see why they took such decision. The hotel doesn’t know how to manage customers and they know nothing about keeping a customer happy, no customer satisfaction and their services was zero percent literally. The place looked dirty and no attempt to clean it and make it a bit comfortable for the guests. The air condition doesn’t work and the most annoying thing about the place was there was no stable electricity supply, my can’t be worse than it is. I really do not advise anyone to visit this hotel if not you will end up miserable and the rest of your vacation ruined. This place is below my standard even for a budget hotel. I should have read the reviews before making a move on this hotel, that was my mistake but now I know better.

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