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December 2003

This was our fourth caribbean christmas holiday (2003), and certainly one of the best. (Family of four, two kids aged 17 & 13) We were sold on the resort having seen the pictures in the travel brochures and website www.Cocobayresort.Com, and with the exception of some plant life growth, the real thing was identical. The approach road to the resort leaves a lot to be desired but this is supposed to be re-surfaced in 2004. Our initial apprehensions regarding the lack of air conditioning and the limited menu (they do not normally cater for kids) were soon dismissed as the quality of food is exceptional and the evening breeze and overhead fan in the room provides more than sufficient air movement to keep you comfortable.

The only complaints we heard from other guests were in connection with the natural wildlife, both of which are beyond the control of the resort. As soon as the sun goes down, which is generally a spectacular sight best enjoyed whilst sipping a drink by the pool (heaven) the crickets and mosquitos come alive. Without exception, every guest was bitten extensively by the mosquitos, indeed the staff agreed that this was the worst year for them. This is not a complaint, let’s be reasonable every effort was made to keep the little buggers away. The noise from the crickets was noticeable, although it did not cause any of us to lose sleep, there was however one family (Greek I think) who found it unacceptable and checked out after only two nights.

The sea was a little disappointing, whilst it was very calm with little surf, the water is best described as "Milky" with very poor visibility making snorkelling a waste of time, the beach area is quite small but big enough to allow plenty of peace for the limited number of guests at the resort. Scuba diving is good with excellent visibility and varied sea life including Reef Sharks, and I would recommend contacting Jolly dive as they will collect you from the beach and take you to the dive site of the day (Usually Cades Reef).

The rooms are adequate and clean, the restaurant area has superb views over the sea, the food is very good, and the staff and local people very friendly. The resort is highly recommended, and I would give it a four star rating, this would be increased to four and a half if the rooms had air conditioning and there was a poolside waiter drinks service.

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