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Overall, it is a nice hotel and I enjoyed my stay here in this hotel, the area is quiet and the vacation package that they offer is good. It is not one of those major luxurious hotels but you will get the finest services here and not what you pay for like most reviews are suggesting. Yes it is not a five star hotel because it didn’t have everything but it had the major basic things you will need for a traveler. Whatever it is you need, whatever request you have, as long as you need help with information or something wrong in your room or the hotel, just go straight to the staff and they will help you solve it. The staff is nice, friendly and looked sharp and professional. The location is good because it is right in the middle of both old and new Havana, it is walk able at least for me, I mostly walked to explore the rest of the town. For me it’s not so far but by bus or cab, it may take close to 15 minutes to get to your destination. The room’s looks great; you need to run the shower for a while if you want to use the hot water. The toilet and bathroom generally was clean enough for me. Everything was in place, all the amenities were there and the A/C was working well. The snack bar looked great and that’s where I visit all the time. I will come back.

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