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I certainly agree that there are misguided idiots like Conan all over Cuba. This very second there are 20-30 tourons like him in Old Havana treating Cubans like small furry animals, acting like Cuba is one big nature park where he paid the entrance and can now roam as he please, everybody there to smile and serve him and act up. Difference is that this particular buffoon/payaso has a TV show on national TV. That does a lot more to increase international buffoonism than the regular daytrip tourists on Plaza Vieja embarrasing thenselves right this very minute.

Well if they take Cuba off their list of countries that sponsor terrorism they would only have three countries left there and that doesn’t look too good. Hard to be a hero if there are almost no bad guys. Obviously they need to invent someone new to go on that list if they take Cuba off. And why not Venezuela? As good as any. Certainly better than Cuba. Cuba has been on it for 33 years and week, so must be time to invent new enemies and let old ones off the hook for a while. Then in 30 years Conan can go to Venezuela and act up and discover a new world.Of course, Venezuela and Cuba being long time allies now, I know who I would choose if I was Cuba. And not because of socialism or anything like that, only because the U.S. has given or helped Cuba with nothing, zero, nada, which is something you can’t say about Venezuela.

And to get back on topic, there was a Venezuelan comedian doing a show on Malec√≥n last summer. Big crowd there, everyone laughing. A completely different experience. Cubans getting the humor and respecting the comedian and his crew and all the Venezuelans treating all the Cubans like equals and with respect. Something that can’t be said for Conan the Yumarian. Clown.

I have seen many more stupid tourists In Cuba than I have seen stupid Cubans.Most in a position to interact with tourists but on a show for the tourists benefit and are very good at it.I have met off resort some truly warm hearted Cubans that would give you the shirt off their back.

But as time goes on it seems they are harder to find. I guess it is just the way the world is changing. Dealing with rude obnoxious drunkin stupid tourists everyday has to take it’s toll. The Americans will be no different there we be good and bad but by their shear numbers I fear the worst. As far as Conan goes it was simply another show put on for another tourist what was said behind closed doors amongest themselves we can only imagine

Perhaps I’m over-analyzing this (after all it’s just a stupid television show) but here we have the wealthy foreigner acting like an ass and the relatively poor worker trying to make a living and having to put up with the antics. I see this wherever I travel in the Caribbean and I do wonder what is really going through their minds and what they would really like to say if they could. I’ve seen similar situations play out here in restaurants and bars in Canada too so it’s not unique to Cuba, but perhaps the contrast in this case is just more stark and therefore the tolerance for this sort of behaviour is uncomfortably higher.

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