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We spent 2 weeks at Farallon several years ago and are considering going back. For us, kayaking through the channels in the mangroves across the bay and hanging out on the deserted Caribbean beach over the hill with a bottle of wine purchased from the hotel shop are our better memories. Can we still do these things? We really don’t want to spend much time at the pool or inner beaches. We’d rather hitch our travel hammock to some sea grapes.


We were at the villas (?) in 2009 and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.We spent a lot of time off the resort with the locals – ChiChi (he was the head horse and buggy guy at the time) took us out a few times.We also met a fabulous family thanks to another member of the boards. We spent a couple of afternoons at their farm, having lunch with them and just relaxing like you just can’t at the resort.

We will go back some time as well.

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