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Awhile back someone (perhaps you, Spunkypoo?) provided me with the contact info for a parish priest (a Canadian), in Varadero for donations, but unfortunately, I can’t seem to find that darn piece of paper in my "bordel"(read mess)Could you please give me that info again? And would money be more useful to them than actual items, clothing, etc. ?


Oh I knew about Father Bastarache’s passing, but the info I had been given was another priest, if my memory serves me, and was given to me since 2011…

Everyone, I FOUND the piece of paper with the info.It is indeed St. Elvira Church in Varadero and the new priest’s name is Fr. Jesus MarcoletaThe Church is located av. 1 No. 4604 e/46y47

I would still appreciated any info you may have as to what is best to offer: a cash donation or specific items? Has anyone dealt with this church before?

The church is usually open in the a.m. (gardener is there). Donatations are accepted via cash or as items. There is also Fatima on calle 9, immediately next building to the Barlovento, and it has Mass there Saturdays at 5 pm, (schedule as of early December 2012).
Cash is always best. They hve a donation box at the front of the church. Don’t fall for any of the professional beggars that may be in the front of the church.

Baby and children’s clothing is good to donate too.

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