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It is a relaxing and fun place to be at when on holiday and trying to get away from the hustle of your normal daily life. It is a beautiful resort with all the activities awaiting you, the animation team did their best in organizing very fun things to do with shows and stuff. The beach is amazing and those looking for bubbling nightlife, there is a disco you can go for, it will keep you vibrant all night long. The hotel is lovely and the price affordable, I didn’t expect such quality of service form the hotel due to the bad reviews I saw on the internet. They kept the rooms clean before I arrived, everything was put in other so there was no mechanical dysfunction of the air condition or lights, the bathroom had everything, water pressure was okay, and the whole place was very clean. The staff smiled all day, wherever they met you they smiled and very kind. The food was more than great, it was delicious, tasty and so many offers to eat. I was so happy with the kitchen management because they even had vegetarian offers as well, this is how to do good business. They have a large pool that is very beautiful and you will always find people there swimming and just having fun. I went to the disco one time and it was amazing, it’s such a pity that I didn’t get to stay at this resort for some more days.

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