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Where to start 🙂 We have made numerous trips to the D.R. over the years, mostly we stay in Punta Cana, but we have stayed in Juan Dolio before Arriving at the resort we were given a room on the front side, and told that in the morning they would be willing to change it to the room we had reserved, after thinking about this for an hour, we went back to the desk and again requested a change and we were assisted to another room. King bed, balcony with view of pool, ocean, and theater, not exactly what we were used to, but we could live with it. We changed and walked around the resort for awhile, it was raining. When we got back to the room to change for dinner, I found all my clothes in my suitcase were wet, and the shirts my husband had hung were wet, we were confused about how they got wet, but we went on to dinner. The buffet was the only thing open, and it was just awful (this from 2 people who can and do eat about anything) When we got back to the room, and we were changing out of our dinner clothes, I saw the dripping, directly into my suitcase. The roof leaked! We just decided to move things around, and ‘deal with it’ We were exhausted from traveling, starting at 3am, and we turned on the tv and laid down, not 10 minutes later the show started up. LOL we felt every bump of bass, the show was about 1 hour, and then they continued to play recorded music for another hour. every night.

We had alot of rain during the week, and between the doors and the several additional leaks in the roof, we had to mop the ankle deep water off the floor each night.

Room Number:

Check in was as usual, after a mix up in our room, we were transfered to another room.

Rooms: our Room had a king bed (very HARD) with 3 pillows. in 7 days, I believe the water in the shower was hot 1 time, other wise it was freezing cold. IF there was water….2 days the water was shut off completely. Which means, even in the common areas of the hotel, there were no flushing toilets.

We also noticed, over by the Sante Fey there were another block of rooms, that had been completely abandoned, and were uninhabital.

Restaurants and Bars:
The buffet was the only thing open, until the Puerto Rican Motorcycle club rode in on their Harley’s. The resort then opened up a couple restaurants. We ate at the Dominican Restaurant, and felt like it was the first meal we ate in 3 days that was decent, the next night we ate at the italian I liked it, he did not. It seemed as though the food actually got better when the puerto rican’s got there, and as soon as they was back to awful.

Beach/Pools/Grounds: The pool needed re-painting, but there were plenty of chairs, bar, swim-up bar. The beach was nice, although the only shade is whatever you get from a palm tree, no huts, no umbrella’s either at the pool or the beach.

One day the storm knocked over a huge palm tree into the plaza almost taking out a bunch of tourists.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
did not participate

Other Comments: We felt the resort could be a very quaint and lovely place to holiday. However with the issues, leaking roofs, lack of activities, the food being below par, the disrepair of the rooms, lack of just general maintaince. That this place will not last long. It would take a major overhaul to put things back into condition. The resort is very run-down and on it’s very last leg. The staff were wonderful, fun and helpful, but that is the Dominican way, they have big hearts.

We would never go back here, nor would we recommend this resort to anyone!!

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