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My teen-aged son and I stayed at CBI for a night on either side of a trek down to Punta Gorda, Belize. Douglas (owner) was friendly, and went out of his way to offer advice and make phone calls. We loved the quietness of the inn – especially after spending a couple of nights in the noisy and crowded Playa del Carmen, MX. The atmosphere of the bar/restaurant was just what we needed – and native and ex-pat Belizeans – and other travelers – used the bar/restaurant to meet and hang out. Yet, there were usually no more than 10 people in there at one time. The food was quite good – the breakfasts were incredible – make sure you ask for the Belizean flapjacks instead of toast! And a glass of fresh-squeezed OJ! The price of beverages was reasonable – even less than half of the price in Mexico. If you come to Central America, then you had better get used to the bugs and geckos! If that is too much, stay home!!! Geckos are the most friendly creatures – and are way more scared of you than you are of them – believe me on this, a Canadian girl who doesn’t see bugs for half the year due to the winters. CBI is clean, very well-run, and great value for the money. I had just spent over double for a night in PDC, MX (read my review of the Fusion) – and the only difference was a beach at CBI. The Fusion doesn’t even come close to the quality of CBI! We loved the thatched roofs of the cabanas – and yes – at night we could hear the geckos scurrying around up there, and chirping their songs! In the morning we were greeted by the parrots singing their praises to the sun! So many sounds that cannot be heard in noisy, crowded Mexico…or North America. The internet access was iffy – but not due to CBI, but to Belize. I was able to get online every evening and morning, though – just not in the afternoon.

If you have a chance, don’t hesitate to stay at CBI. It’s a haven for travelers, and a place to just "be" – instead of "do."

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