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It is a nice quiet hotel where I and my wife to be went on a vacation, it was an okay holiday for us but I felt like it didn’t have the luxury effect we expected but it was great all the same. I and my fiancée got a nice little room with a beautiful patio to go with it and it was near the pool, so it was beautiful. The place had a bedroom as well as a sitting room. The atmosphere here was lovely, there is a small coffee area where we usually just went up to stay and have our morning coffee that tasted fresh. The buffet was great, the foods offered in the hotel were all delicious, and we never had any reason to complain about the food. The beach was nice, comfortable and warm, there were not much vendors disturbing you to buy stuff you didn’t need, they were present but didn’t bother the guests. The lobby bar is great and open most of the time, the nightlife was great as there were many places for us to go to at night to party all night. There are even restaurants and bars close enough to the hotel if you ever want to eat out, they are of walking distance. The staff made our stay even more fun, they are really lovely set of people, they care about the well being of their guests and it was so good. Everything was great for us, thanks for the time here.

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