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First trip to CR. Wondering how easy is it to rent a car after we arrive in San Jose. Any idea on How much $$ per day? Is it reletively safe to drive the country in a rental?? Thanks for the help!!

I am headed there in a week. We aren’t going to rent a car but really don’t need to. My cousin is down there. Anyway, from the research that I have done (thought we were staying further away than we are and was going to rent a car), you can get the rental cheap but they kill you with the insurance. Apparently, if you have a gold card they DO NOT recognize that and will not let you decline there insurance. The price I have found was around 400US/week for an economy car. Now, I have also read that 4×4’s are a must but are more expensive. I’m sure someone who’s actually rented one down there can help you more, I just thought I’d share what I have found…..If you want to look at some rates:

These were the lowest prices I could find….probably lower out there, I just couldn’t find anything else. Also, I DO NOT know how reputable these are. But atleast somewhere to start.

Thanks saralee. helpful. we will search those web sites and see what we can find. I have heard the roads are pretty decent and was thinking a 4×4 maynot be needed. More research!!! Have a good trip.

Nadina: The only piece of advise I will give is go with a reputable car rental company and take pictures of the whole car before leaving with it. A few years ago when we were there we rented a vehicle to drive across Costa Rica. We were with my parents and my dad put it on his card. Well wouldn’t you know, once we were at home, my dad had an extra charge for the rental of the card. It was a fairly large amount – I don’t recall how much. Well there some back and forth arguing – the car company alleged we returned it with a dent on the roof. Yet when my husband and dad took it back, they found nothing. In the end, they settled on a smaller amount. My dad didn’t want to risk him not being allowed into the country.

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