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Trying to decide between Riu Guanacaste in Costa Rica or Riu Santa Fe in Los Cabos. Any opinions?

We’ve only been to Los Cabos and loved it – heard good things about the resort you are looking for but don’t have any first-hand info on it. (Friends stayed at the RIU Palace and thought it was great).

Cabo is quite commercialized and there are lots of west coast Americans who choose Cabo as a quick get-a-way and a great place to sail their yachts to (think "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous") and that’s not a bad thing by any means.

You are looking at two totally different "climates" since Cabo is quite deserty and drier and Costa Rica is more of a "rain forest" type of vacation.

Swimming isn’t that "great" in Cabo due to the undertow but they do have some beach areas that you can safely swim at.

Costa Rica and Los Cabos are as different as day & night. A lot depends on what you are wanting from your vacation.Costa Rica leans towards eco-tourism in a big way whereas Los Cabos is equated more to golf and the criterion shirleyujest has mentioned.Our daughter loved Costa Rica but was totally disappointed with her trip to Los Cabos and wouldn’t return. We’re looking forward to getting back to Costa Rica sometime soon, but for us, Los Cabos isn’t even on the radar. If however you are planning to stay exclusively on the resort and enjoy resort amenities only, then either destination would probably be acceptable.

Thanks for the advice. I am torn because I have been to Mexico several times, but never to Costa Rica. Unfortunately there is a great sale on and the savings would be about $400 if I chose Los Cabos. What to do!

:)As YVRck says, these are two very different types of vacations you are looking at.We love the scenery of the Baja & Cabo, the food is great and there is lots to do.I think both destinations have so much to offer and you can’t really go "wrong" in choosing either one of them.

However, with the price difference, why not save the $400.00 for your next trip? Do them both.

$400 is too great a price difference to pass up!

I’m with SUJ on this one. Book Los Cabos and put your savings towards a future vacation to Costa Rica.

Trying to decide between Riu Guanacaste in Costa Rica or Riu Santa Fe in Los Cabos. Any opinions?
Riu Santa Fe in Los Cabos is very better option to choose…in cabos you also find another great hotels and resorts also…I really like this place….!
I will add a note here. SUJ and YVRck have given you both succinct and definitive differences between the two areas. Personally, I would do as previously advised: go to Cabo and put the savings towards another trip. We have stayed at the Riu Palace next door to the Santa Fe and enjoyed Cabo. There are fun things to do, not the least of which are gazing at the Arch, sunning on Lover’s Beach, and whale-watching. Those glorious sunsets are fab, too!

Have a great time at whichever destination you choose. Travelchick

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