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Its been a while but…..I really liked the room at PCV (we had a king bed) and I liked the boardwalk to the beach..lots of birds etc. Beach was very nice. And the food was the best we’ve had in Cuba. Layout was separate bungalow style buildings.But you just cannot beat Playa Esmeralda beach at SLM. Maybe the stairs down to the beach aren’t for everyone. Room was standard…food was good. And we loved it when they turned the beach restaurant into the disco at night…..great time. Luna and Mares are two sister resorts combined, I believe.Staff was great at both places….so for me PCV for the resort, but SLM for the beach!

Either of these resorts would deserve a repeat in my book.

I like the property best PCV between these two. it is a bit smaller and there are very well kept grounds with PCV – not so much grounds at SLM. Never stayed at SLM but next door at PRDO so have only passed through but have stayed 2 x’s at Costa Verde and it is very nice. If you are a diver the dive centre is closer to PCV as the original one at SLM is closed …if that matters

I haven’t stayed at PCV, but at Blau, next door. Have stayed at Luna Mares,but it’s been awhile. Regarding the beach, I would say Playa Esmeralda is nicer but Playa Pesquero is more sheltered from the prevailing wind, so less potential for red flags. Both are short, 10 – 15 minutes walk end to end. Better snorkelling at Esmeralda but when the wind is up you have a better chance of being able to at Pesquero.

BTW, I found the food quite acceptable at Luna Mares, and very good at BCV. But my experience is from quite a few years ago.

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