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Here’s an article about recently improved counterfeit Cuban 1915 Silver Pesos becoming more available in the marketplace and also likely in Cuba.
Reproduction 1915 coin compared to a real 1916 peso. are actually only one of several early Cuban silver coins currently being reproduced in China and probably wouldn’t fool numismatists but they could be used to catch tourists for a few dollars. The reproduction coins are usually high percentage silver so they do have some metal value but not for the amount of CUC’s they would be sold to a tourist.Here’s another article about counterfeit 1897 Cuban Pesos of which there were three types originally produced in the USA with all three types now being reproduced in China;

Thank you flygt! Very interesting. I collect coins and still might want some of these, but at an appropriate price! lol

Next trip I’m going to grab a set of nice CUP notes and coins. I have a few but would like a good set before they disappear. I hope this post doesn’t drive up the price. lol

Counterfeits tend to drive down prices because there is always a concern that a real coin is a counterfeit coin.

I have collected some pristine Che notes and coins and am looking for a mat cutter to make some dual sided "note plus coin" matting.
I had hoped to do these up as gifts. Anyone have a framing friend?

I do not collect coins but I would be tricked for sure as original and counterfeit one are pretty much the same.

Wow Flygt. I checked the link (noticed a lot were sold out). What blew me away was the pricing on a lot of these things. Amazing.

So next time we go to Cuba we might look to exchange some Canadian coins for these Cuban coins in the lobby or on the street

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