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Good Morning, just checking out the reviews and there were a couple of new ones on TA this am that i hadn’t seen before.Kelley, if you and DH are up to it, we (6) of us will likely take a trip on the local bus to Penonome (sp?) one day while there. If you are interested, maybe you would like to join us? Sounds like a neat little shopping town…I noted on one review they flew WestJet! We have never had that option ever! When we landed in Cuba 2 years ago, I remember seeing Westjet there too, hmmmm, what am I doing wrong?? large leather seats, leg room, tv’s for each person (ok that may not be a good idea, did anyone see that commercial where everyone is all watching the same movie laughing except for one person?? that would be something my DH would do.. ;D.)
forgive my ignorance, but what is TA……I am a newbe (lol) just an FYI, we flew Westjet out of Cuba, we were in Cuba when Jetsco went under, and Westjet came a reused us, (not that we really wanted to go home)…………It was one of the best flights I have ever been on, the staff was amazning and the flight was great!
Hi Kelly, sorry Trip Advisor (feel like a traitor bringing up another site) lol

good for you! Westjet is a wonderful airline, young and fun.

Lynn (or anyone else) – before heading out to "Pay no money", if you are taking one of the public vans, be sure that the town is open. Last time we were there we went into town, to find out that it wasn’t open – some kind of holiday. I am sure the driver and his partner knew this ahead of time……… go back to the resort they actually charged us ‘more’. No big deal really, it was a nice drive.

We weren’t too happy about it either, but what can you do. We felt like we were at their mercy. My girlfriend can understand a bit of Spanish and from what she could pick up – she said they were kind of laughing about it. They didn’t gouge us – just charged us an extra fifty cents more, I think.

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