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We are leaving for Cozumel in June and are staying at the occidental Gande resort. Does anyone have any information that will be helpful to me, such as an email address for the resort ? I would welcome any information about the rooms and what is a great building number. Also I see that the snorkeling is great in Cozumel. Does anyone have any food snorkeling infor for me ? Thanks

Does anyone have any food snorkeling infor for me ? Welcome to the forum!Sorry I haven’t stayed at this resort, so can’t help with the resort specific questions.

Not sure exactly what you mean by "food snorkeling info". Are you are asking about feeding the fish while snorkeling? The answer is please do NOT feed the fish anything- no bread, bananas, etc.

I have stayed here and really liked the resort, the rooms were spacious and well maintained, as were the grounds and facilities. I stayed a few years ago now, around 2007/08, so I do not remember the building number we stayed in, but we had a fabulous time here.I’m sure you will have a great time here ;D

Fish feeding This is very harmful to the fish and it’s natural environment so it’s not a very good idea. You will see more snorkeling without feeding the fish and it will also be safer for you.

Have fun and enjoy the Occidental Grande.

I’ll definitely jump on the "don’t feed the fish" bandwagon! It was a problem at the resort I go to in Cuba but, thankfully, I’ve seen less and less of it over the past couple of years. It would really tick me off to be constantly stalked by fish, looking for hand outs, when I was out trying to take photos or videos. Some of the fish can get quite aggressive

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