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can anyone tell me about the crime there just got off phone with travel agent and she was trying to talkus out of it she told me really bad stuff about it and i have read over 200 reviews on this place and they were not to bad most were really good there is crime all over even in our little town population 500 lol
I would really have to say, 1. either your travel agent doesnt really need your money, or 2. he/she wants to try and talk you in to a much more expensive vacay ::). I would take my busines elsewhere to someone whom wanted to help me plan my vacation where I wanted it and how I wanted it. Then after it was taken care of I would go back to her superior and show them what she should have provided for YOU in the first place. That is rude I know but the travel industry is starting to irritate me.I don’t think I have ever had an agent talk me OUT of going any where, not even after Wilma destroyed Cozumel. They actually asked for my feedback when I returned. This year I traveled agentless, WOW was that nice, I prefer this method. VERY NICE. Can’t always use that method though when your going to places you haven’t ever been.

As for the crime, I am a stick in the mud when it comes to this. SERIOUSLY. People really need to get off the crime crap, and your right tc, even in towns of 500, someone is stealing something of their neighbors, usually it is noticed a lot sooner than in a larger city too.


Thx for that we r going anyway with another agen lol her loss we have read so many reviews and ppl would write bad before good

again thankyou Tracey

Please let me know how your trip went and if you run in to any Americans on vacation while you are there.I am interested to see how welcomed American tourists are with all the polictical (BS) that is going on and the blame game between Mr. Hugo Chavez and the United States.

Currently there are not any stipulations on American travel in to Venezuela at this time, and I hope that this does not change. I do not in my life time want this to be another beautiful place that I have to cross off my list


Nothing planned for me until February.

Have a great one can’t wait to hear all about it.


Like you tc, we have been looking at loads of reviews and posts for MI, as we are going there in December for Xmas. I have only seen one review which mentions crime. Apparently there was an incident last October 2006 when some tourists were held up at gunpoint while in a taxi and robbed. However, I have read posts from people that were staying at the same time and the same hotel and it has not put them off going back, they said overall they felt very safe over there and didn’t just stay on the resort. Like you say this type of crime can happen in any of our own home towns. The person involved has only just posted a review about the incident on Tripadvisor. You feel for them as it must have been a horrible traumatic experience, but again, it could happen anywhere. I think as long as we all exercise the usual care and caution we’ll be fine.

Don’t believe MI is a particularly high crime area. The city of Caracas, however, is, even in the upscale areas. Kidnappings for ransom are a problem. Not a destination for the casual tourist at the present time.

Well its 2008 and the political situation in venezuela is even worse than last year regardless of the outcome of the referendum.
I dont mean to be contradictory to Deputy’s answer, nevertheless, the truth of the matter is that Margarita is very plagued with ramped crime on a daily basis and tourists are at a higher risk of being either robbed at their hotel or elsewhere. Its a shame because I love that country and have lived there for years.. The crime was always bad in the major cities but as poverty grew the criminals (el Hampa) have taken their business to where they know they can profit the most, the tourist zones. I hear of horror stories all the time from the locals and also from those that work in the tourist industry. Unfortunately I would have to agree with the travel agent that recommended finding another destination.. Afterall, part of her job is to make saure that you have a safe vacation as well.. Its nice to know that there are agents out there that are not only thinking of their pockets but that genuinely care about their clients…Bravo! whoever she was..

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