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June 5th-15th,2008 Was great, the resort was sooo nice !! every one very helpful & friendly.

very nice & clean, great view !!

Restaurants and Bars:
food was excelent!!& the bars were so much fun!!!the entertainers played games& were sooo much fun!I had a great time w/them .drinks were very very good!!

beach was breath takeing, & the pools were wounderful & the entertainers were sooo much fun & nice, Joey was fantastict!!! & as handsome as a movie star!! grounds very clean & nicely landscaped.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
activities on the resort were great!!w/ all the entertainers, soo much fun!! Joey, realy stands out,what a great guy!& he is an AMAZEING DANCER!!! he could be John Stamos twin brother.

Other Comments:
I loved it!the shows were AMAZEING!GREASE,WAS AMAZEING!JOEY&MARIA AMAZEING DANCERS!JOEY, was a real standout!!I heard he is a model/actor in the U.S.A.& boy does it show!! what a looker!!its worth going just to see him!spectacular!!

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