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Here is one from me as we have some beautiful animal photos above I wanted to put one from my collection as well. This photo was taken in Guantanamo Province Rio Duaba That’s a great shot! The one thing that would tempt me to spend a Cuba vacation off resort would be the opportunity to take candid pictures. Going on a bus tour is not conducive to that activity, and I don’t care to drive in Cuba myself, which leaves either hiring a driver or going by bicycle. Someday, maybe…..

Thank you eeeefarm and yes you are right. Going off resort and spending time with locals and wandering around you can see different Cuba and somehow blend more in with locals and be part of it. I saw so many great things while I travel in Cuba but I would stay 30 days off resort and go around hiking etc .. I would spend time on the beach while I am in all inclusive resort but if I am not in all inclusive I go hiking and walking around, renting a car with driver etc. Problem that I see is once I buy all inclusive I wanna stay there and enjoy it because I paid for it and 7 days is not a lot of time while going 2 weeks for example and staying in Casa Particilar give me more time to explore around

Garden girlThis is close to Sol Cayo Largo, very early in the morning just as the sun was starting to come up:

There were new tracks every day up and down the beach. There were nests everywhere.

She sure is! She’s also near one of your favourite beaches Blixem.Her snout isn’t taped shut either.

Thanks sssnakes.

She sure is! She’s also near one of your favourite beaches Blixem.Her snout isn’t taped shut either.Thanks sssnakes.
 Let’s pack a lunch bag and go visit her next year. Would love to see her up close and personal (not too-too close though….)
She was guarding her nest off one of the paths around the ponds. When you walk around there, walk slowly and make sure you look where you are going. I knew there were crocs there but I still almost walked into it, It just sat like a statue on the trail. i couldn’t believe it.The lady who works at the plant nursery has one that visits her, she feeds it scraps, it’s smaller.
Okay, so everyone knows how much the beach changes on Cayo Largo… even overnight! Here we are at the Sol Cayo Largo Beach Bar on our first visit: Attachments:

Wossa. that wasn’t the beach. There are a few ponds and forest behind the neighbouring hotel next to Sol. I forget the name of the place. The ponds are beside the plant nursery and the old stables near the main road. Lots of birds and small turtles in the ponds.

She still has her feet, they are just turned underneath her

There’s a drainage area between Lindemar and Pelicano. Away from the beach, it backs into the area behind the greenhouses and plant nurseries. There was a salmon type, fish farm in the ponds and that’s where there was usually a crocodile to view. Last year, the garden manager told me the resident female croc went loco and wasn’t around anymore. There were two smaller ones around but none that I saw that day. The previous years I saw the mid sized ones in the ponds.
Across the main road in the swamps, mangroves and inlets towards Luna beach, there are lots more, I’m told.

WOW, there are some fabulous photos posted here !!!! Debinatore, do you have any to share with us?
Our first glimpse of the amazing view of Playa Lindemar, Sol Cayo Largo… 
(Haha, they did "swans" with the towels… is there a way you can tip maids "not" to do this??? ???)

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