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I’m trying to create a flickr account to share my Cuba photos, but it seems like only Yahoo members will have access. I could be wrong, I might be confused. To me, the website is not intuitive or user friendly by any stretch of the imagination. And I will not continue with the creation of this account if I’m forcing people to sign up. Is it possible that such a big site would make such a ridiculous stipulation?
I prefer to use Webshots rather than flickr.I find Webshots to be very user friendly, you are not forcing your viewers to sign up and become members and you have the option to make your photo albums public for the world to see or private by viewing invitation only.I’ve been using Webshots for many years with no problems. It’s free!! Recently, they updated their software to make it even easier to use and also to link your photos directly to forums, Facebook, etc.

Thanks for the tip YVRck. I’ve surfed around Webshots in the past, but don’t recall it being all that user-friendly. I’ll give it another look today though.So was I right about Flickr? I’m usually not this dumb, but I couldn’t find a way to invite people without forcing them to create a Yahoo account. I tested it by sending invites to myself at other e-mail addresses… Of course I needed a Yahoo ID to create the albums, so that should have clued me in.

Thanks again.

I’ve used Flicr but don’t like it that well. People don’t need to sign up to view your photos (but i think you have to specify that it’s a public album or something like that).

One of my co-workers was using the G-mail associated photo thing and it looked really good; very user friendly etc. i haven’t tried it myself, but signed up for g-mail account so that i could.

Thanks for the tip Radar. I assumed there was a URL somewhere, but I couldn’t figure out what it would be. It certainly wasn’t evident when I was farting around with it last night. But maybe I had too many Cuba Libres in me!

I’m currently investigating a Webshots account… The question is: When will I give up on these free services and build my own website?

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