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Normally if I wanted to dive on holiday I’d look for a PADI centre, but I see PADI don’t operate in Cuba because of the Embargo.So… is there a similarly reputable organisation to look for certifying dive centres in Cuba? Any specific recommendations (or disrecommendations!) in the Varadero area?Cheers!
Most of the Dive Centers are certified thru ACUC a Canadian Certification. We dove with the Guy’s at Breezes Jibacoa a few years back and they did a great job. In November we were at Sol de Luna Mare’s in holquin area and the Dive master’s there did a great job as well.

They were attentive to all divers and quickly see who needs more supervision than others and made up groups of comparable Divers. That way everyone got to Dive to the Limits they were comfortable with. Our group was made up of 4 technical Trimix certified Divers and A Padi Instructor. They told us our depth limit was 120 feet but allowed us to dive deeper once they were comfortable with our abilities.

We were in Cuba in ’03, before I was a diver. Did an OK snorkel trip (by bus) at Matanzas area (E. of Varadero). I did hear that there was some good scuba diving on the South (Caribbean) coast at Cienfuegos.

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