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Anyone tried Cuban Sandwich? Cuban sandwich is usually simple to make as its a variation of a ham and cheese. Now many Cubans make Cuban sandwich different ways adding roasted pork meat , provolone cheese, pickle, yellow mustard, unsalted butter and of course fresh bread / buns. Once sandwich is made they usually toast it in sandwich press or you can heat it in the oven if you don’t have sandwich press. Those Cuban sandwiches are simple to make and yummy. Have you ever tried Cuban sandwich in Cuba or maybe Florida? How do you make Cuban sandwich?

That’s the perfect inbetween snack to carry you over till dinner! Works best in +30C with an ice cold cerveza sitting down in the shade overlooking the ocean.

I haven’t had a Cuban sandwich in either Florida or Cuba but every loncheria and cafeteria in Mexico has a version called Torta Cubana and I’ve had several dozen there. Same basic ham/pork/cheese/mustard ingredients with more extras available, lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, hard fried egg, pickled jalapeno chiles and breaded fried beef steak among others.

That looks great! The last one I had at my normal Cuban c.p. appeared to have been made with porc "spam" –UGH!!!

@flygt it looks yummy and very good. Yes in Mexico they call sandwich "torta" while in Cuba "torta" is cake :)Great photo of Cuban sandwich!

It all sounds so delicious. Of course, bread in Cuba to start with is fantastic.

I seem to remember Don Thomas saying that ‘good Cuban Sandwich’ (in Cuba) was the world’s shortest joke. Having had one in Havana (to test the veracity of that statement) I have to agree.

I always have one at the airport VIP when leaving. Never looked even close to the one pictured above!

Still having a jamón con queso sandwich with a cold cerveza is how we end all Cuban vacations.

Well, as we usually have one at the Cayo Largo Airport on the way home, I would have to agree with Don Thomas as well, but it does "hit the spot". The debate on who makes the "best" Cuban Sandwich has been going on for years in Tampa, Florida ~ where the Cuban Sandwich was actually invented. That’s where we had our "first" Cuban Sandwich… before even setting foot on Cuban soil:Tampa’s Ybor City Columbian Restaurant (the oldest restaurant in Florida) has it’s variation served at lunch with its 1905 Salad…The Original Cuban Sandwich A Tampa treasure! The “Mixto,” as it was known in the beginning, was created in the 1890’s for the cigar workers as they walked to and from work. The sandwiches underwent changes as immigrants from different countries came to Ybor City. The City of Tampa was like the sandwich, a mixture of cultures and food. The Spanish brought the fine ham, the Sicilians the Genoa salami, the Cubans the mojo-marinated roast pork, the Germans and Jews the Swiss cheese, pickle and mustard. Put it all together between sliced, freshly baked Tampa Cuban bread from La Segunda Central Bakery and life is great. Today we are using the original 1915 recipe of Casimiro Hernandez, Sr., with the same proportions of meat and each ingredient layed on top of one another, placed on Cuban bread brushed with butter on top and pressed to a crispy finish.

(I tried to post a photo… but the site won’t allow it)

Pic looks sooo good flygt…’s been awhile since we have a Cuban sandwich but I do remember having one at the airport (Holguin…I think?)….it had pork, mustard, lettuce & tomatoe….also had lots of ‘street food" when we were in Trinidad….I’m a carb lover and the bread was the best….

Can’t say that I’ve ever had a memorable Cuban sandwich but do enjoy having one at the airport with a last beer or two.

I feel hungry now so I guess I will have to prepare one Cuban sandwich for myself

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