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Got married in Dec 08 in the occidental grand turquesa, holguin.Trying to get hold of the wedding vows. The words were so nice.

Can anyone help?

Hi there, congratulations on your wedding in Dec 08, it’s a great place to get married isn’t it! What date did you get married?
I have a copy of the vows used at my wedding in Cuba, I got married in December 2005, I am sure they must still be current. If you want to PM me your email I can send them to you, they are in Word format. I have Spanish and English version.

We got married on 30th dec, would love to go back to cuba. How about you? Thanks for your help

We got married on 28 Dec at Sol Rio de Luna y Mares. We are going back there this year for our 4th anniversary. Can’t wait!!! I have emailed the wedding vows to you.

Ya I didn’t even think my Dad saved us a copy of the vows and we have them framed at home. Glad esmerelda could help!
We got married Jan 2006 in Cayo Largo, Cuba!!!

I know esmeralda emailed the vows but for anyone else interested… These are the vows we had…Legal Ceremony – performed by notary of the republic Marriage DeedIn Varadero, Municipality of its name, Province of Matanzas, Republic of Cuba, on……, 2008.______________________________________________________________BEFORE MEName of Notary, a Notary Public of the International Law Office, with national competence and seat in this city, and the witnesses who will be mentioned and who will sign at the end of this document, constituted in Resort Name .APPEARMr. ……….., Canadian citizen with birth data as prescribed in this instrument, ANDMiss …………………, Canadian citizen, with birth data as prescribed in this instrument.They concur by themselves in their use of their own rights.They manifest in English they neither understand nor speak the Spanish language and me the Notary, make use of an interpreter, name of Wedding Co-ordinator, Cuban Citizen and Guest Relation Manager at the Resort Name.They declare they are in the full use and enjoyment of their civil rights, they have the necessary legal capacity for this act according to their personal law, because nothing in contrary is evident to me and they declare advised by me, the Notary, that if they fail to the truth they will fall in the corresponding penal responsibility, that the previous personal data taken from the declaration made before me is true, ratifying in this act the above- mentioned declaration to all its effects.Me, the Notary, attest of the previous manifestation of the contracting parties and to the effects of the wedding that both have presented , I proceed to read the articles 24 to 28 , both included in the Cuban Family code.MARITAL CODESECTION ONE: ABOUT MARITAL RIGTHTS AND DUTIES.Article 24Marriage is constituted based on equal marital rights and dutiesArticle 25Husband and wife should live together, and maintain the proper loyalty, consideration and respect for each other.Article 26Husband and wife are bound to take care of the family which they have created and to cooperate with each other with the education, formation and guidance of the childrenArticle 27Husband and wife are bound to contribute to the satisfaction of the needs of the family they have created within the marriage, each of them according to their economic possibilities.Article 28Husband and wife are entitled to carry their professions or skills, and their duty is to reciprocally offer cooperation and help.Mr. ……… do you accept Miss ………….. as your wife?Miss …………., do you accept Mr …………. as your husband?Asking ………….. and …………… if they persist in the resolution of formalizing this act, and having answered both affirmatively, they will sign this document, in order to make evident that the diligence foreseen in the Civil Register Act, has been accomplished, being witnesses of this act, Mr. ……. and Miss ………., Canadian Citizens, Both appointed by the contracted parties, none of them presenting any impediments taken into account by law.Read this document by me, the Notary, the couple is ratified on its content, as well as on the declaration made before me. They sign, and I, the Notary, ratify the veracity of this act, and I attest.On behalf of the Cuban state I represent I have the pleasure to pronounce you husband and wife.

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